How to use Photobox credit

Credit is for busy people who’ve got loads of creative ideas but not much time between their commute and the school run to finish off a Photo Book. (Certainly not enough to read a load of T&Cs about how Photo Book credits work.)

Sounds like you? You’re in luck. Here’s how to get a big discount and more time to make your book:

So, what are Photobox credits?

They’re a way to get a book (or other Photobox products) for a ridiculously great price and nab yourself up to three months to make it.

How do I buy Photobox credit?

You can’t, most of the time.

But sign up to our emails and throughout the year, we’ll let you know about our credit sales. That’s when you pick up the great prices. Click the link in the email and you’ll go to a page with all the products in the sale. Choose the one you want – this is really important as you can’t swap it later – and buy your credit.

How do I use it?

Just start making the product within the time limit. We’ll add your credit when you check out.

I added extra features, how do I get them?

In your account, you can see exactly which credit you ordered. If you paid for any extra features (that’s things like extra pages or a matte cover) then make sure you add them when making your book. Unfortunately, we can’t do this automatically – so if you forget to add them, you’ll lose them.

I’ve ordered a photo book with more than 26 pages – how do I make it?

Bought a credit for a 60 or 100-page deluxe photo book? You’ll still need to start with a standard 26-page book and add the pages as you go. Again, we’ll take the cost of them off, once you check out.

What happens if I need fewer pages than my credit?

Don’t worry, that’s completely fine and won’t stop you using the credit.

What if I want more pages?

It’s pretty common to start making your book and then find loads of great pics of Nan’s first scuba dive that you just can’t edit down (maybe that’s just our Nan).

Of course you can add extra pages, but you will be charged the usual price. If you’d like your whole book to come with an amazing credit sale discount, then it’s worth adding a few more pages than you think you’ll need.

Can I swap products later?

No. Credit is like a voucher for the thing you’re buying, so you’ll need to spend a couple of minutes checking out exactly what you want. Not sure? You can’t really go wrong with an A4 Personalised Photo Book.

Is postage included?

Sorry, no.

When do Photobox credits expire?

Choose how long you think you’ll need when you buy your credits (usually either one month or three months). Don’t worry, we’ll send you emails to remind you whenever your time’s running out.

Credit sounds complicated but it’s actually the cheapest way to make a Photo Book with no stress.

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