Photo Books and why you need them

Photo Books can capture memories that last a lifetime. They’re a great way to enjoy your best snaps without worrying about loose photos, overly stuffed photo albums or the repetition of clicking through slides. A Photo Book lets you design each page with beautiful templates, so every photo is shown at its absolute best.

Why print a Photo Book?

So, why print a Photo Book in the first place?

Mementos: Perfect for weddings and baptisms, and especially good wedding favours for your bridesmaids and groomsmen or keepsakes for godparents, Photo Book are a gorgeous memento for any special occasion.

Gifts: Photo Book are fantastic gifts because they show photos in a way that’s beautifully presented. They’re always high quality and are a real novelty when most photos are condemned to digital folders, never to be seen again. The ideal solution if you’re struggling for mother’s day ideas or birthday ideas – give a Photo Book!

Keep a family history: A Photo Book doesn’t have to be dedicated to a single day; create one from photos you’ve taken throughout the year and present it to a loved one for a birthday or at Christmas. You can even make it a yearly tradition until you have your very own family history documented in beautiful photos.

Portfolio: If you’re a baker, hair dresser, architect or tattoo artist, you can’t carry your work around with you to prove your skill to potential clients. What you can do is make a show-stopping Photo Book that will make your services impossible to turn away.

Art: Everyone has those shots that only really make sense to them. The way a shadow fell over the pavement as you walked along one afternoon or a puddle after a rainstorm. You don’t want to delete them but they’re not prime Instagram material either. Why not make them into a real collection of art and print a Photo Book for you and your friends to enjoy anytime?

Decoration: PhotoBox has some of the prettiest Photo Book around. It’s what’s on the outside as much as what’s on the inside that makes Photo Book such a fantastic addition to your interior design. Pantone books add a pop of colour to any shelf, so you can have a rainbow of photos to treasure forever.

Document progress: If you’re taking on a big project like renovating a house, building a business, getting in shape or even just dedicating a few months to making a more complete you, nothing is more rewarding than seeing where you started and what you’ve achieved over time. A Photo Book is a trophy of your achievements, and if nothing else, it’s a great way to see how you’ve put those photography tips, tricks and skills into practice.

Prospectus: If you’re a business, keeping a Photo Book of your office, team and previous projects in the reception area is a great way for visitors to quickly and easily get a more personal insight into your company. A Photo Book featuring your last big presentation as well as a team shot from your last company party, a formal headshot of directors, as well as candid captures of the office’s day-to-day life will be a great way for newcomers to understand your work culture better, plus it’s a great way of improving your office’s wall décor.

Look book: If you’re big into fashion then why not document your own talent at styling great outfits? Not only will this let you keep track of all your clothes and accessories, it can also help you keep on top of which outfits work and which definitely do not.

Moving home: Saying goodbye to a house is always sad, so a Photo Book of memories is a great way to treasure the time you spent there.

No reason: You don’t need a reason to enjoy your precious memories! Just enjoy them.

Photo Books are a gorgeous way to enjoy pictures of special memories, precious moments or just spontaneous shots you want to treasure. There’s no time like the present to start making one!

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