How to create a coaster of your favourite furry face

Every family has a favourite, and more often than not, they tend to be a little furry. Big eyes, bigger ears, and a tail that wags so enthusiastically it should come with a warning sign. You know who we’re talking about, that faithful ball of fur that comes running anytime you reach for the biscuit cupboard.

Of course you’re sure to have infinite photos of their little face – whether they’re racing around the beach, rolling in some very pungent badger poo, or giving you their best puppy dog eyes, you’re sure to want to show off your four-legged friend. And what better way to show them off than with a unique coaster? Sure to be admired whenever anyone pops round for a cuppa. 

Four is the magic number

It’s not easy I know, but for this cute customised creation you’ll need to select just four photos of your four-legged pal. Our personalised coasters come in a set of four, which is perfect for when you’ve got all the girls round (or when the kids have got all their friends round…). If you’ve got more than one family pet, (lucky you), why not create a coaster for each furry face? That way, each of them get their turn in the spotlight. There’s no favourites here! 

There’s only one furry member of my family, and that’s Marley. So obviously he had to be centre stage! Then came the hard part, choosing the photos…

Strike a pose

Now, Marley is quite an old dog, he’s reached double figures and he’s starting to grey a little around the nose. Some might even say he’s a silver fox… Okay, I’m the only one that says that. But his age means I’ve got a lot of photos of him. And when I say a lot I mean quadruple figures.

So to make things a little easier, I’ve done them by age. One of him in his younger days, one of him in his teenage (in dog time) years, one of him more recently, and, my favourite, one of him and my dad in the car, Marley riding shotgun.

Time to start creating

This final step is the easiest! Simply upload your chosen snaps to the creation studio, drag and drop them onto the coasters, and head to checkout. It takes minutes, and here’s the best part: you’ve already got everything you need on your phone! The perfect, personalised gift is only a few clicks away…

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