Our phones are as much a part of us as the clothes we wear, so why shouldn’t they show off our personalities in the same way? From your favourite music to your best friends, expressing yourself via your phone case has become a hot new trend for the tech-savvy millennial. But what’s the right image for you? We’ve put together 11 of the best personalised phone case ideas to help you pick the right one!

1.     Your canine companion

Sometimes it’s not convenient to bring your pooch everywhere with you, but if you have their best photo printed on your phone, everyone will know how lucky you are! Of course, this isn’t restricted to dogs. Cats, hamsters, parrots, fish, tortoises – any of your pets can make the grade.

2.     Your BFF


Personalised Phone case ideas

Putting them on your phone case really lets them know that they’re your best friend. Alternatively, this could be a great birthday gift for your bestie, so you’re always with them, even when you’re not together.

3.     Favourite band

Are you crazy about one band in particular? Why not have them on your phone case? You could even use your own shot if you’ve been to a gig or festival, for that truly unique touch.

4.     A work of art

For all the budding artists out there, having your favourite piece on your phone case is a great choice. Not only will it act as inspiration, it’s also a perfect way to instantly let people know about your creativity and skill, particularly if it’s a piece that you have drawn yourself.

5.     Inspirational quotes

Personalised phone cases don’t always have to be photos. If you fancy something just as meaningful, an inspirational quote can be a great way to accent your mobile. And if you want something a bit more personal, you can always use an in-joke between you and your friends.

6.     Holiday snaps

Transport yourself back to better times by using the perfect holiday selfie for your phone case. Not only will you constantly have a reminder of what you can look forward to in the summer holidays, you can also show off your (once) beautifully bronzed skin throughout the depths of winter.

7.     Landscape

One of the best ways to personalise your phone case is with a stunning landscape shot. Whether it’s a tranquil pine forest, an arid desert, or perhaps a bustling cityscape, as long as it’s something you love, it’s perfect!

8.     Favourite animal

You may argue that your favourite animal is your beloved pet, but what about all those animals that can’t be domesticated? Personalising your phone case with a print of a wild animal not only says a lot about you, it also adds tons of character to your electronic device.

9.     Show your support

You can style your phone case with a picture of your favourite sports team or athlete. Whether it’s rugby, football, tennis or Formula One, this is an easy way to show your colours. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a photo with your idol, then make sure to use that!

10.  Family photo

If your family is the most important thing in your life, then a portrait print of you and your loved ones can be a great option. Seeing the faces of your nearest and dearest is always the perfect antidote for a rough day.

11.  Romance

Celebrate the love you share with your partner by getting it printed on the back of your new phone case. It could be a snap of you two on a date, on holiday, or maybe a collage of your time together, whatever brings you the warmest memories. If you’re a real romantic, you could even have your wedding photo printed on the back.

What do you think of our personalised phone case suggestions? Do you have any idea of your own? Let us know in the comments below!