Top tips to improve your small bedroom’s look

How much can you really do to improve a smaller space? Quite a bit! Check out our small bedroom ideas for top tips on transforming a boutique space:

Transparent furniture

Stylish, functional and available in a range of gorgeous styles, by using transparent or translucent furniture, you can keep your room feeling open and expansive. Between the bed and wardrobe, it’s easy for the room to feel blocked in by furniture, so transparent options are a great choice for keeping the space open and letting it flow together seamlessly.

It also does wonders for your room’s lighting – flooding the space with natural light. Make it a highlight of the room as part of a modern aesthetic, or a subtle addition to a classic design scheme, this versatile choice of furniture is an ideal solution whatever your style.

Maximise space using hidden storage

Storage space is a necessary part of any bedroom, but knowing how to balance your storage needs with your bedroom’s aesthetic can take some figuring out. Hidden storage is a winning solution.

Use the space underneath your bed to store clothes or books, or opt for an over-the-door organiser if you’re after a hidden storage option that also makes use of vertical space. How about a chair with a secret compartment or a bathroom mirror that hides all your essentials and boosts the room’s natural light?

Play with scale using differently sized furniture

Investing in smaller sized units, i.e. a single door wardrobe, can help to keep your bedroom from feeling too cramped. Alternatively, you could go in a totally different direction – one of our most innovative bedroom décor ideas is to actually go for an oversized piece of furniture. A big bed can trick the eye and make you feel like the room is actually more spacious than it is. Not to mention, you get to have a nice big bed!

Use vertical space

You know what they say, if you can’t build out, build up! Hanging lamps and high-mounted shelves are just a couple of ways in which you can make use of vertical space in your bedroom. By drawing the eye upwards, you can make the room seem taller while also freeing up vital floor space which would otherwise contribute to the cluttering of the room.

There are tonnes of ways to make the most of your vertical space, space we all tend to neglect instead of making the most of!

Keep your colours light

If you’re dealing with a smaller bedroom, it’s important to remember the role that colours play in the perception of space. Light colours keep things looking wide and open, while dark colours tend to contribute to an enclosed and tighter aesthetic. If possible, try to keep colours softer – blues, whites, and greys are perfect – in order to preserve the illusion of space.

A darker space can be cosy, but when you’re decorating a small bedroom, that’s not really something you want to accentuate too much. For a small bedroom, light colours are always a fantastic choice. Of course, don’t be afraid to add a few pops of colour!

Create a focal point using a piece of wall art

There are plenty of wall décor ideas that you can apply to a small bedroom. You can generate an even greater sense of spaciousness by creating a focal point using a piece of wall art. For example, a large retro canvas print covering a relatively boring wall can become a focal point for the room, drawing people’s attention and generating a genuine feeling of spaciousness. Make sure that you place the print in a prominent area of the room so it’s sure to catch the eye. You could also generate spaciousness by making your canvas print longer vertically, making your walls seem taller in the process.

Another great choice would be to print a few of your favourite pictures onto some big blocks – an outstanding way of personalising your bedroom. From creating a mini art gallery to covering an entire wall in photos, wall art can have an enormous impact on a small space.

Improving your bedroom doesn’t have to be a struggle – with our small bedroom ideas, you can transform a cramped room into the highlight of your home in no time!

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