Top tips for decorating small kitchens

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not bestow a bit of love upon it? It’s sadly all too common for functionality to win over style when it comes to the kitchen. Sure, you’d like to have that stylish kettle, but this bland white one is more economical, that blender looks great with your cabinets, but this boring one is far more durable.

It’s a tough balance to strike, but there are plenty ways to beautify your kitchen that can make the room look fabulous enough to excuse mix-and-matched appliances, all you need is a bit of imagination. Running low? There’s always our helpful list of decorating hints and tips, including fabulous small kitchen décor ideas, to get you started. Read on!

Colour your kitchen

Small kitchen decor ideas

This is one area of kitchen interior design where lots of us go safe. We choose beige and whites, neutral tones that don’t do a thing to reflect our personalities, and do very little to reflect the fact that the kitchen is the hub of the home. Get a bit of colour in there! If you’re for a total refit of your kitchen, then creative tiling is a fantastic, modern way to bring some character to your kitchen, and it even works in the smallest of rooms.

Tiles add texture and clean lines that can bring excitement to even the blandest of beige colour schemes, if you really are set on those neutral wall colours. Cabinet doors are easily interchangeable and can be switched out for a slick red or blue number. Add a lick of paint to the walls, kitchen counters, even the floor – there are endless ways to work colour into your kitchen in a stylish and creative way.


Your cutlery and crockery may be the most utilitarian things in the kitchen, but why shouldn’t even these items be a reflection of your personality? How about gold cutlery, an addition that’s both stylish and novel? Don’t splash out on fancy crockery you only use once a year, instead opt for everyday plates and bowls that add a bit of colour.

Match them with a table runner – a great DIY project – or placemats and voila, you’ve got a co-ordinated table spread you can enjoy every day. Don’t forget your cups, what better way to start the day that with a cheerful morning cuppa from a custom mug?

Everything including the kitchen sink

There’s no reason you can’t personalise every inch of your kitchen. Is your sink area a mess of bottles and sponges? Think outside the box when it comes to organizing it. A bit of wire with a colourful peg can hold sponges until they dry, stick a sprig of lavender on another one to banish any drain smells. Put soaps and creams on a pretty plate or even a cake stand or dish for some dreamy decoration.

Oh, and one more thing. Since the sink is often under the window, it’s important that you don’t forget about that either. A colourful set of blinds or a bit of bunting can make your kitchen window a real feature of the room.

The art of the home

Don’t be fooled into thinking there’s no place for a bit of art in your kitchen! Make your mark on the room in a big way with custom wall art. The fridge isn’t just for your kid’s artwork, add a bit of finesse and your decorated fridge can be the perfect kitchen gallery, just add some funky retro prints.

Want your personalised art to be more functional? Go for a personalised calendar. Art doesn’t just have to be stuck to the walls, though. You can add an artistic flair to your cabinets by switching out the handles for something far more creative.

Don’t be scared to play about with lighting, either, nothing makes a statement like a gorgeous pendant light. More about letting the outside in? A pot plant (or even a bit of fake foliage) can work a treat.

Looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look? Let us know your decorating secrets for the most functional room in the house in the comments below!

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