Me, my shelf and I: refresh your home decor on a budget

iving room with a yellow arm chair and a collage wall feature

We’ve partnered up with interiors blogger Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living to share her top tips on how to easily refresh your home under a budget. With so many home trends to keep on top of, we thought we should get an expert to give us some advice. Here are Jen’s ideas on how you can create a beautiful wall feature and a stylish ‘shelfie’ for under £100.

The Shelfie

white shelf containing mugs with succulents, Pantone photo books vases and plants.

You might have seen this strange word on Instagram or Pinterest as it’s been a well-loved trend on social media for fans of DIY, crafting, and design. The idea is to snap your colour-coded, meticulously organised, pristine shelf, with a mix of art, personal objects and books.

Why not start with the Simple Porcelain Mugs. Consider the colours and find photos that you’ve taken where the shades coordinate, as well as the style of photos. For my set, I’ve decided on a theme of pink and green, a colour combination which is very on-trend at the moment, and coming through very strongly in interior design in general.

Create Porcelain Mugs

Once the mugs arrived, I immediately planted them up with my new succulents. Focusing on my colour theme of pink and green, I’ve used the Pantone Photo Books as backdrops, almost like art, to create more of a scene, allowing the paler mugs to ‘pop’ out from the walls. They are beautiful albums for all your travel snaps. Creating the products is simple and easy and took a matter of minutes. You can even connect to your social channels and upload photos directly from there.

Create a Pantone Photo Book

white shelf with 3 mugs containing succulents and two photo books pink and green

Top tips for shelfie styling:

  1. Do think about how you can use products in unusual or quirky ways to give your shelfie a personal touch.
  2. Try different layouts, intermingling the photo products with pieces you already own. Play with them until you find a layout you like.
  3. Bring in more accessories that coordinate with your colour scheme. Pick out those colours, even small amounts of them in your pieces and your look will easily hang together.

Read more about Jen’s shelfie styling here.

Brighten up your walls with holiday snaps

I love nothing more than adorning my walls with personal photos. But how you do make them look cool, and not like you’ve just plastered your walls with holiday snaps of your recent trip to Spain. It’s a real challenge, isn’t it?

To make something cool, changeable and totally you, check out the Premium Retro Prints which come the string, pegs and washi tape.

Create Premium Retro Prints

I’ve actually combined my tape and pegs combo with a cute noticeboard frame I picked up at a supermarket a few weeks ago. Complete with gold clips, this is a very stylish way to create a display. Why not add some extra pieces onto the board too, like favourite postcards, feathers, leaves, jewellery or anything really that works with the look of your photos.

living room with a yellow arm chair and a collage wall feature

For this collage, I’ve used a Framed Poster Print, one of my favourite products, and two of the Mounted Poster Prints, which are beautiful with a matte non-gloss finish. As I’ve chosen our family holiday photos to use in the smaller display, I’ve continued a theme of bright blue skies and the outdoors into the larger pieces. I wanted the collage to have a theme, and whilst the photos are all slightly different, the colour and general aesthetic gives them coordination.

If you’ve love making wall displays but aren’t sure where to start, check out my short video with top 3 tips on how to make great wall collages.

Create Framed Poster Prints

Create Mounted Poster Prints

Read more about Jen’s wall collage on her blog, here. Or find her on Instagram @Jenstanbrook

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