30 kid-friendly living room decorating ideas

Whether you’ve got a tear away tot or a troublesome teen, decorating a living room that’s kid-friendly can be a challenge, which is why you need to give our top 30 living room decorating ideas a read! Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to create a living room that both kids and adults will love:

    1. Why not dedicate an entire area of the room to the kids? You could use a rug to mark out a play area. They’ll love having their own little space.


    1. You could also zone off different areas of the room to reduce clutter and help the whole room feel a little bit cosier a zone for the TV, a zone for reading, a zone to sit by the fire etc.


    1. Keep the floor plan open. The one thing we all know about kids is that they like to roam around. Making sure that they’ve got lots of space is the best way of protecting them from any nasty accidents, so remove any unnecessary side tables, vases or plants.


    1. Get hiding. Kids like to get their hands on stuff they probably shouldn’t! With hidden storage, you can keep your precious items out of their curious hands.


    1. Print some colourful, child-friendly designs on your sofa cushions. Or better yet, get personalised cushions to grace your space. Watch little faces light up when they see pictures of their pets, or even themselves, on the couch!


    1. If you’ve got any extra space on the bookshelf, it can make for some handy extra toy storage, tell the kiddies it’s where their toys live happily and have to “go home” to each day.


    1. Side note – get a bookshelf. You could dedicate a whole shelf to your children’s favourite reads, plus, a big bookshelf covering a wall (giving you plenty of extra storage over a cupboard or cabinet) is a great way of increasing your floor space.


    1. Be sure to child-proof your living room. Make sure all the sockets are covered, the fireplace is screened and the television is anchored to the wall.


    1. Print a picture of one of your child’s favourite fictional characters and frame it. Why not stick it onto a retro canvas with PhotoBox? It’ll add a beautiful splash of colour to your living room!


    1. Better yet, why not frame some of your children’s own artwork? It’s a wonderful way to personalise the room, plus it’ll make the kids feel super proud of their artistic achievements. Next stop, the Louvre!


    1. You could actually go one step further and create a picture gallery on one of your walls. Show off all those cherished family memories by covering up an entire wall in photo prints, creating a great focal point in the process!


    1. Sharp edges are your enemy. Go round! Circular tables and ottomans are ideal.


    1. If possible, invest in some durable furniture. Rather than a delicate glass coffee table, for example, plump for a longer-lasting wood option.


    1. Get hold of some snug throws, cuddly blankets or fluffy rugs. A variety of textures is an easy way to keep a room’s design interesting, as well as giving your kids something extra snuggly to love about their living room.


    1. Invest in some big wicker baskets. They’re a great place to store toys, plus they can double up as extra seating for when you’ve got guests over.


    1. Choose kid-friendly decoration. For example, artificial plants can be a great choice. They keep your living room looking fresh and natural while avoiding the potential for any soil spillages.


    1. Instead of using indoor rugs, use outdoor rugs! They’re easier to clean and look just as pretty.


    1. Hang some baskets on the wall. Not only is this a great storage solution, it can also help you to accentuate the room’s height.


    1. Print some personalised posters to add a splash of vibrancy to your living room. Added bonus, you can use them to cover up any unfortunate stains!


    1. Brighten up the space with a colourful memo pad or chalk board. You can use it to keep notes of special dates and achievements.


    1. Cube or floating shelves are always a great choice for elegant storage and one kids will be slightly mystified by, too.


    1. Or, opt for floating shelves. That way, you can keep breakable items out of the reach of kids.


    1. Use spill-proof outdoor fabrics on your indoor sofas and chairs, so sticky spillages will wipe right off.


    1. Introduce a child’s desk to the living room. This way, you can keep a watchful eye on your little ones while they get on with their homework.


    1. Go for pendant lights if you can. They’ll keep your living room looking elegant, plus they’re high up, safely out of harm’s way.


    1. Mix things up with some hard-wearing vintage furniture.


    1. Choose graphic pattern designs. They’re fresh and great for masking spillages.


    1. Instead of the traditional coffee table, get one which is upholstered instead. It adds a new textural element to the room, plus it’s much more durable.


    1. Use ambient lighting and heavy drapes to make the room feel as cosy as possible for your little ones.


    1. Leather couches are gorgeous and kid-friendly, perfect for a young family’s living room.


Feeling inspired yet? With these living room decorating ideas, you can create the perfect living space for kids and adults alike.

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