How to display prints and photos

So, you’ve ordered your prints, they’ve arrived, they’re here, in all their glossy glory. But now that they’ve finally escaped the cloud and made their way into reality, what do you do with them? Forget stuffing them in an old photo album or chucking them into a draw to be forgotten – display them with pride!

Not sure how? We’ve got some hints and tips to help you make the most of all your newly printed photos.

The classic

Small Framed Print

Displaying your prints in a frame is a classic way of showing off your favourite moments. To make your print really pop, dig out a frame that offsets the colours – here, we’ve gone for a thick, black frame, to contrast the brightness of the print. All that’s left to do now is decide where to put it…

Quick and easy

Standard Print

The humble bulldog clip takes on a new form with this simple trick. All you’ll need is your chosen print and a bulldog clip. Simply stand the bulldog clip on the flat end, pull the two metal arms shut so they are touching, and pop your print between the arms. And there you have it, a quick and easy way to display prints.

You could also try jazzing things up with a different coloured bulldog clip, or use more than one for bigger prints.

Something a little different

Square Prints

If your walls are looking a little sad, we’ve got the perfect solution – turn your new prints into a beautiful and unique centrepiece! This display method is a little more crafty than the previous two, and takes a bit more time and concentration, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll need a piece of wood or a tree branch, four equal lengths of string, some mini pegs, and, of course, your favourite prints.

Here’s what to do:

  • Tie each length of string, equally spaced, around the piece of wood, leaving a long “tail” dangling.
  • Peg each of your prints to the lengths of string. You can either space them equally for a neat uniform look, or pop them wherever you like to give the display a more crafty look.
  • Hang your piece of wood up on the wall (perhaps prop it up on nails hammered into the wall), and let your prints dangle proudly.

Add a little sparkle

Make use of an empty space with this cute display. This works beautifully with all our prints, including Standard Prints and Retro Prints. All you’ll need is a selection of your favourite prints, a length of string, mini pegs, and, to add a little more sparkle, a string of lights.

Pin your length of string up on the wall – this can be on an empty wall, or perhaps between the bedposts of your bed. Then, peg your chosen prints onto the string, at even distances, or at random for a more homemade feel. Finally, to add a little something extra, pin up your string of lights between the lengths of string.

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