How to create a sleek and contemporary bedroom

The minimalistic, contemporary look is the must-have look of the moment when it comes to interior decor, but it can be difficult to get right. After all, it’s not just about stripping away the majority of features of your room to the bare minimum, but about balancing what you do have in order to create a sense of unity and chic sophistication.

Since we spend so much time in our bedrooms (up to a third of our life can be spent in bed!), it’s pretty important to get your bedroom decoration right. So keep your room looking fresh and contemporary, no matter what your budget, with our bedroom décor ideas for a sleek space everyone will envy:

Hanging Pendant Lights

Hanging pendant lights are eye-catching modern features that save space and maintain a sleek, chic look for your room. Inspired by industrial fittings, and looking particularly good when juxtaposed against the plush beddings of the boudoir, there’s a wide variety of designs available, from modern to antique. Hanging lights are also an interesting way of making your bedroom appear taller than it is, as well as a be a subtle but effective way to create zones within the room.

Colourful Wall Art

If you’re introducing a piece of wall art into a minimalist, modern bedroom design, you better make it count! There are plenty of ways in which you can really maximise the effectiveness of your wall décor. A large print with a striking design can help to cover up a plain wall, while it can also help to make a smaller room feel much more spacious. With vibrant colours and popping, geometric shapes, a single piece of artwork can really bring out the best of a bedroom. Alternatively, you could pair a simple piece with a more colourful wallpaper design.

Natural Elements

Natural elements, including plants and flowers, can serve as an alternative or complement to bedroom wall art. Bringing colour and vibrancy to a space, they can help to keep your bedroom design simple and streamlined, all the while providing a contrast and touch of the organic to the clean precision which is the hallmark of many contemporary interior designs.

A hanging basket isn’t just for outside, they’re a great way of accentuating space in your bedroom or to simply add interest to a previously neglected corner. Don’t forget about the importance of pots. You can use them to colour coordinate the room or to add a charming mismatch of colours and designs in a way that’s both fun and functional.

Reclaimed Wood

Along the same lines, choosing furniture made from reclaimed wood is a great way of keeping your bedroom close to nature. Creating a balance between rustic and contemporary, particularly if the other elements of your bedroom are minimalistic and stripped back, a bit of wood and variety of textures is key to one of the most on-trends looks of the moment: Hygge. Use wood for bedside tables or canopies, while a good sized branch can be an excellent alternative to traditional book shelves. Naturally textured, authentic and grounded, a touch of wood is a fantastic way of adding a bit of natural design and interest to an otherwise perfectly curated minimalist room.


There are few things which say ‘modern’ quite so clearly as glass. If you’ve got a nice view from your room, a large, panelled glass window is an ideal way of bringing the landscape to you, and easy folding blinds instead of curtains can help you keep it as clutter-free as possible. A view of the city skyline or a country vista is the perfect counterpoint to a sleek and decluttered bedroom, helping to accentuate the contemporary stylings you’ve so carefully put in place.

If you don’t have a room with a view, glass has lots of other sophisticated applications. As a defining feature of a modern aesthetic, glass tables and walls can fill the room with natural light, a well-placed mirror can amplify a sense of space and glass ornaments have elegant and clean designs that can modernise any room. Even the glass of wall-mounted frames will help bounce a bit more light around the room for an airy, relaxing feel.

With these bedroom décor ideas, all it takes is a bit of imagination to create a sleek and understated modern bedroom that’s perfect for you.

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