A guide to free travel photos to decorate your home

Just because you might never visit Bangkok, New York, Tokyo or Marrakech doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a taste of these beautiful cities in your living room. Allow yourself to travel from the comfort of your home by printing copyright-free images onto canvas, prints or posters. Read on for the best websites to download free professional shots.

Staged apartments and Airbnb rentals have one thing in common and that’s a classic city shot. Whether it’s a black and white photo of New York with a yellow cab or that Eiffel Tower photo taken on a beautiful sunny day – they’re always on the walls! If you don’t feel like driving to the nearest Ikea to pay for a photo that everyone has seen from various angles, why not take a look at these websites that offer high quality copyright-free images? Choose your favourite shot and get it printed to decorate your bare walls or offer it to your globe-trotter friend who always talks about taking a year off to travel the world.

Created by a marketing agency, Unsplash calls itself “the internet’s source of freely usable images”. If you’re looking for extra creative photos, as opposed to high-quality tourist shots, Unsplash is the place to go. Not all photos are tagged though so you might be better off choosing a category and scrolling through rather than searching by keyword.

Freerange Stock also offers a large selection of snaps and only requires you sign-up to download the photos for free. Here you’ll easily find endless beautiful photos of Bangkok, Venice or Florence.

Dreamstime also offers royalty-free and public domain images, like these colourful photos of Havana and Tokyo.

The motto of Pexels is to “Empower creators”. Not only does it let you use photos for free, but whenever you download an image, it gives you a link to the photographer’s website or Instagram – which is a great way to keep being inspired for future creation! And just like Unsplash, Pexels specialized in very artistic (and yes, sometimes retouched) photos.

The same people behind Free Range also created It’s all too easy to spend hours on this website looking scrolling through retro photos of New Orleans, Hong Kong or Paris.

Flickr is host to over 2 billions photos and a fair share of them are copyright-free. They are the ones falling under Public Domain Dedication, meaning anyone can freely exploit and use the work without restriction under copyright or database law.

Once you’re on the page, type the cities that inspire you the most, click on search, then click on the top-right corner on Advanced and, under Minimum Size, select Large to make sure you’re getting high-quality photos that will look beautiful on our Canvas or Posters. Thanks to Flickr’s smart colour-coded search, you can choose photos with predominant colours that will compliment your interior design.