30 Bedroom décor ideas

There’s no better way of stamping your own distinct style onto your bedroom than by taking decorating into your own hands and fully embracing the spirit of “do it yourself”. With our top 30 DIY bedroom décor ideas, you can let your creativity run wild, transforming your bedroom into a space that truly speaks to who you are:

  1. Hang a tapestry or rug behind your bed. It can help to spice up a plain wall, as well as repurpose old material which might otherwise have gone to waste. We’re all about eco-friendly decoration!
  2. Add dashes of colour around the room with temporary washi tape. It’s a great way of brightening up some of the room’s more functional features, including light switches and shelves.
  3. Keep things looking personal with a customised cushion, the ideal way of stamping your personality all over your bedroom’s décor.
  4. Make a clothes rack with wire, rods or whatever you have lying around. If you’ve got lots of open space available in your room, this could be a great way of showing off your favourite garments.
  5. Pick flowers and use them to brighten up your shelves and cabinets. A dash of natural colour might be the perfect DIY addition to your bedroom.
  6. Use colourful rugs to create a distinctly Bohemian vibe for your bedroom.
  7. A fallen branch could be a great DIY alternative to a book shelf. Mount it on the wall and use it to store your fave reads. This eye-catching feature is a great way of introducing some rustic elements to your bedroom.
  8. Have a frame you love but it’s just not in-keeping with your new designs? Get the spray paint out. The same goes for shelves, bedside cabinets and even ornaments that can be made modern and on-trend with a block colour treatment.
  9. Make bookends using bricks. You could even paint them, wrap them in spare wallpaper or give them a bit of a varnish for an exciting look.
  10. Print designs on household items like pillows and phone cases, there’s no better way of unifying your bedroom’s aesthetic.
  11. Create your own headboard using reclaimed wood – an old door, for instance.
  12. Make a lighted canopy above your bed using sticks and fairy lights.
  13. Cut up some cork to make mini pin board – or lots of mini pin boards – that’s both cute and functional.
  14. Create a small art gallery above your desk by taping up photos and prints, retro prints hung up with string is one of the most stylish and charming ways to get your snaps on show.
  15. Decorate your walls with unusual objects, giving your room a unique aesthetic that’s totally your own. Why not experiment with reclaimed wood, artificial flowers or birdhouses for a touch of DIY whimsy.
  16. Round up some old jam jars and use them as storage for your stationery or spare change, a bit of ribbon or cord will add a touch of style.
  17. Create a photo display with a rack, wire or just stick them up in a funky design, perfect for all the budding photographers out there!
  18. Hang up some personalised posters – it’s a great way of livening up a plain wall. Bonus points if it’s a photo you took!
  19. Have a favourite colour but don’t have the time or money to paint your walls? Paint the skirting board, a single wall or just selected furniture and ornaments for a real pop of colour.
  20. A DIY hammock chair is a great way of keeping your floors clear and accentuating your bedroom’s height.
  21. Hang a calendar on your walls, personalised with a photo or original design. What better way to keep track of the seasons!
  22. Book planters are one of the top DIY trends sweeping the internet. Take an old book, cut a hole in it, and fill it with an old potted plant. It looks great, and it’s completely doable on your own.
  23. Repurpose old cinder blocks to use as a bedside table or bookshelf. Adding a hint of raw industrial design, this cool DIY tip can really help your bedroom stand out from the crowd.
  24. Use tree stumps as mini side tables. Whether you use them for books, photos, candles or plants, they make a great addition to the bedroom.
  25. Find some unique, one-of-a-kind items and use them as your bedroom’s signature pieces – they’re great as conversation starters!
  26. Experiment by using an old stepladder as a nightstand, it could be the unique touch which really brings the room together.
  27. Use fabric paint to liven up your bedding with leaf prints. One more way of bringing the outdoors, indoors!
  28. Create an accent wall – paint it in a big, bold colour or pattern – to contrast with your other bedroom colours.
  29. If you’ve got a favourite colour, why not coordinate your wallpaper and accessories to really make that palette pop!
  30. Last but not least, introducing a personalised piece of wall art is a fantastic way of brightening up your bedroom walls. A retro canvas, in particular, can contribute some old-school vibes to your room. Take your best photos and print them, it’s the best way to showcase your best shots!

With these DIY bedroom décor ideas, you can start shaping your bedroom exactly how you want it, all by yourself!

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