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Designed Face Mask

Personalised Face Mask - Washable Fabric


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Personalised Face Mask
Personalised Face Mask
Designed Face Mask
  • Choose from over 25 bold designs with the option to add text
  • Concertina pleated design for a comfortable close fit around your mouth, nose and chin*
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Durable elastic earloops (comes with silicone adjusters & fitting tool)
  • Flexible metal nose bridge
  • 3 layers of fabric (2 layers of polyester, with a non-woven middle layer)
  • Available in two sizes: Standard (85 x 180mm when folded; expanded height is 170mm) & Small (70 x 160mm when folded; expanded height is 150mm)
  • Wash to reuse (machine washable)
  • Instruction card included
  • Not suitable for those with latex or ink allergies
  • Use under adult supervision only
  • THIS IS NOT A TOY. Not suitable for children under the age of 6

*Please note this is not a medical mask and should not be treated as PPE.

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Take a closer look...

Flexible nose bridge

A flexible nose bridge runs along the top: mould to fit your face.

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You are the artist...

Face Mask

Ready to stand out from the crowd? Choose one of your own photos to print on your mask!

Face Mask

Pick from over 25 fun, fabulous and unique patterns and backgrounds - dress to express!

Face Mask

Give your mask a bright and bold look, even on the rainiest of days.

Face Mask

Love your mask just as it is? Leave the text option blank at the next stage of design.

Why we love them...

Face masks

Check out these stats... Our three layered poly-cotton masks (with middle non-woven filtration layer) have a 90% filtration efficiency.*

*filters particles around 3 (+/- 0,5) µm.

Looking for the finer details? Find out more about your mask and how to care for it in our full instruction guide, available to download here.

Face Masks

Phone, keys, wallet...mask? Never leave the house without yours again (we know how easy it is). Our custom Face Masks are all about personality and adding style to your everyday. So whether you opt to hang your printed face masks on a coat stand, cupboard or the doorknob itself (taking no chances here), there's no way you can miss pocketing your new essential item.

There's no denying that comfort is absolutely key. If you're out and about all day wearing your Personalised Face Masks, then you'll want them to fit properly and feel cosy-snug on your face. That's why we include small silicone adjusters when your print your own face mask with us — just the thing(s) for securing flappy masks for a better fit.

Face Masks

Our Personalised Face Masks have unlimited potential — it's what we love most about them. Bright colours, bold patterns, funny photos — you name it, we print it. How you design your Face Mask is really down to your creativity and style. It's not all about being bright and colourful though — we see you monochrome fans... Choose a more subtle image to go on your photo Face Masks for a look that's easily matched with your favourite outfit.

Find the right fit for the whole family. Our photo face masks come in two different sizes: standard and small. So when it comes to accessorising the whole family, there's really no excuse not to get a matching set...

Photo Gifts

Photo Gifts

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