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Photo T-Shirts

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Product Details

Create your own style by printing your photos on your T-shirt!


  • 4 styles available: 11 sizes
  • T-shirts by Fruit of the Loom
  • White T-shirt: 100% cotton
  • Pink T-shirts: 95% cotton 5% elastane
  • Suitable for ironing and washing machine
  • See the 'Size' tab to choose an appropriate size

T-shirt Creation Inspiration

Wear your snaps all year round with one of our personalised t-shirts! Choose your pic and t-shirt size, colour and snap – your very own printed t-shirts. It’s really that simple.

Feeling in need of some creative inspiration? Here at PhotoBox we’re t-shirt printing pros and are full of ideas to get you all dressed up!

Step 1: Pick your tee – just like people our printed t-shirts come in all shapes, so we’ve four sizes to choose from, with a kids option included. You can keep it original with classic white or go pink for a colour splash. It’s up to you. With our printing service we promise the best quality to make your prints stand out – we source all our tees from the team over at Fruit of the Loom to make this happen. This allows us to guarantee the quality of your t-shirts.

Step 2: The most important of all the steps. Choosing your photo. Landscape prints make for iconic wearable pieces and truly unique printed t-shirts. Think Spanish sunsets, roaming cityscapes, and snow-capped mountains. Team with one of our original tees and voilà – your very own personalised t- shirt. Feel like making it even more personal? Our tees make the perfect canvas for every memory and allow you to really put your own spin on your creations. Kids can get involved to with our mini sized t-shirt printing service, pick their favourite moment and away you go. Or, better yet, highlight those embarrassing memories forever! Great gifts mean big smiles and our customised printed t-shirts do the trick.

Step 3: All done? Once you’ve picked your photo, you can leave the rest up to us. Just make sure you’ve picked the right size, colour and design and we’ll take care of everything else. We understand every memory deserves to be cherished and so we treat all personalised t- shirts as if they are our own. From camera to creation we’ll deliver the highest quality. And that’s a promise.



a - chest size
b - length
size = a x b cm

  7-8 years S M L XL
- 47,5 x 67 cm 49 x 67 cm 55,5 x 72,5 cm 59,5 x 76 cm
- 44 x 61,5 cm 47 x 63 cm 48,5 x 64,5 cm -
- 43 x 60,5 cm 47 x 62,5 cm 48,5 x 63 cm -
41,5 x 53 cm - - - -



Product Quantity 1 Quantity 2 and more
Photo T-Shirts £2.99 Additional T-Shirt

Manufacturing and delivery times

Product Production time Delivery time To your door
Photo T-Shirts 1 day 2 days (Special/Tracked) 3 days (Standard Delivery) 3-4 working days

Learn more about our delivery methods or delivery to Europe and abroad.

PhotoBox Reviews

Send us your feedback! Rate our site via TrustPilot online reviews. Over 8000 customers have already shared their thoughts, giving PhotoBox an overall rating of 8.4/10. Such reviews just shows the quality of our Personalised T-shirts and the happiness and loyalty they inspire in our customers.




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