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Personalised Birthday Party Invitations
Personalised Birthday Party Invitations

Personalised Birthday Invitation Cards

Big birthdays, big parties – the two just go together. Personalise a pack of themed birthday invitations and send to your guest list so they can get that (very important) date in the diary. From 1st to 50th birthdays, there's a card design for every occasion.

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Give your friends and family a date for their diaries with personalised invitations. Whether you're celebrating 21, 31 or 71, get creative with the customisable options on our birthday party invitations. We're doing things old school, minus the jelly and ice-cream, of course. Everyone loves receiving letters in the mail, so put a smile on your guest lists' faces with their very own birthday invitation card.

birthday cards

Here comes the fun bit of designing your own birthday invitations. Pick your favourite style and shape (would you like a classic rectangle birthday invitation card, or something more modern, like the panoramic flat photo card?). Upload your photos to our quick and easy creation studio, or for an even speedier shortcut, upload via our app to your account. Play around with different layouts, themes, illustrations and backgrounds to make your birthday invitations stand amongst everything else pinned on your recipient's fridge. Leave the message blank if you prefer to handwrite it, or draft it with us and we'll make it look pretty. Simple.

birthday cards

Good things come in threes, so here's some other good news – our personalised party invitations will arrive in packs of 10, with envelopes too. They're 100% recyclable (go Mother Earth) and totally plastic-free. Give your guestlist the very best birthday invitation card and they'll never forget to RSVP.

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Birthday invites, but better

Boost your personalised party invitations with some photo coasters. If you're having friends over to yours beforehand or you're throwing a dinner party, create a set of four with one image per person and slip them into the party invitations envelopes. Choose custom coasters with the nicknames of those on your guestlist; they'll also double as a keepsake, alongside your unique birthday party invitation. Win-win.

You could also design Photo Fridge Magnets or Magnetic Photo Booth Strips with photos of you and the attendees from nursery, school, university – anything slightly embarrassing to make them smile. Who said creating birthday invitation cards had to be boring?

Birthday cards

Get inspired

So you've received one of our personalised party invites. Hooray! Now, you've got to think of something just as lovely to put in their card. Not so lovely. It's actually quite a task, especially if you're not much of a writer (you can write 500 reasons as to why Stevie Wonder's Happy Birthday is the only version anyone should ever sing but a birthday card? Strict writer's block). Head over here for a few ideas.

You could always just use someone else's words if you're really, really struggling. Have a browse of the best quotations around birthday wishes here. Know someone celebrating the big 3-0? Get them something they'll never forget. Here are some ideas.

Birthday cards


If you're not quite 'the creative type' or you've never made birthday invitations as a grown-up before, use our pre-designed themes and stickers. They'll make your photo invitations look professionally-made, without breaking a sweat.

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