Pet Photo Books

Are you more of a pet person than a person-person? We get it. Turn those (thousands of) photos from your camera roll into a pet photo album that’s a joy to look through again and again. After all, they won’t be a puppy forever.

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Inspiration for your pet photo album

For those professional shots

Portrait mode. Black and white. Action shots. Maybe you hired a professional or years of snapping your *insert animal here* has practically made you a pro – no matter who was behind the camera, take those premium-looking shots and create your own pet photo book to show them off. We recommend a lay flat book to show the quality of your professional photos in full; silver halide paper will capture every detail too. Create now.

For your photos together

We’re big fans of selfies, but selfies with an adorable pet? That gets bonus points from us. For all those times your cat or dog finally (and reluctantly) posed by your side, you should create a photo album. They are your best friend, after all. Better yet, why not make a book to gift to someone else? Finding the photos won’t be hard with all that *daily* Instagram content. Create now.

For their clumsy moments

Falling off the sofa, running into things, pulling faces – some pets are downright hilarious. Make the most of those clumsy-moment photos with a photo book. If your pet has its own Instagram page (if not, why not?), then take those square-format photos and upload them straight to a Little Moments Book – it's the perfect sized album for silly moments with your sidekick. Create now.

A photo book for any occasion

Your dog photo book

A photo book is the perfect way to look back on your travels with your best mate (read: your dog). An album of photos that covers the years, from their days as a puppy to recent adventures. Picture it: their first walk to the corner shop, through to last week’s epic hike. Fill the pages of your photo book – a Square Personalised Photo Book, if you’re in need of a recommendation – with your favourite photos together.

Your cat photo book

Is your cat the indoorsy type? We'll bet that’s made for heaps of furry content over the years. From snuggling up by the fireplace, to their first birthday party (yes, you threw a party), collect your cat snaps and make a photo album. Better yet, use the stickers in our editor to make a fully cat-themed book (with captions too) that reads like a story. Perfect for kids learning how to look after pets.

A memories pet photo book

While we’ll always remember the pets who are no longer around, having a pet photo album to flick through regularly can help on the days you’re missing them the most. As well as all those photos of your pet sidekick, why not fill it with momentos too? Add their training graduation certificate, drawings that you (or your little ones) made of them, or photos of their paw prints. It’s a photo album dedicated to that extra family member, so you can really go all out.

Questions and answers about Pet Photo Books

Which photo book is best for pet photos?

That depends on how many photos you have and the size of them. If your pet photos are mainly snaps you've taken for Instagram, they're likely to be square-formatted, which is perfect for our smaller Little Moments Photo Book. If you're filling the pages with professional shots, go for an A4 Personalised Photo Book, with lay flat pages to enjoy your photos in full.

What's the best pet photo album to give as a gift?

All our photo books make good gifts, it's the detail you add that makes them great. Fill it with photos, as many as you can find, then add stickers to continue the pet theme, background colours to brighten the book, and captions to describe each photo.

Can professionals use these pet photo albums?

Absolutely. Our silver halide photo books capture (and print) every detail, so you can be sure that your skills are presented in full. Choose lay flat binding so that the pages fall flat, a hard cover to protect your photos, and get creative with layouts to fit more of your photos in, more aesthetically.

Can I personalise my pet photo album?

We really hope you do. Stickers, backgrounds, page layouts, captions, dates – you can go all out with customisation. And, if you create on the app, you can add a personalised cover, designed by our in-house team.