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Gifts for Girlfriend

The best gift ideas for your girlfriend will always be straight from the heart! She's your number one, like no one else, so make her present just as special. Just choose your favourite snaps and we'll take care of the rest...

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Blue sky thinking

Turn her abode into a mini museum, thanks to our Square Magnets. As one of the most cute gift ideas for a girlfriend, she can decorate her filing cabinets, her fridge — anywhere that needs a little brightening up! Available in a set of nine designed with one photo each, have a look through your holiday photos and special trips to pick out your favourites to print. She'll love looking up and seeing those sunsets and smiles to remind her of the special times you shared. In fact, why not use your Magnets as inspiration for your next getaway together? There's plenty more adventures to be had. Create now.

For the social butterfly

The Little Moments Photo Books is small, but mighty — it's a bestseller for a reason! The perfect gift for the girlfriend who loves her social media, tell the story of your love with the LMB. Download all your snaps on your socials together and get them printed in this perfectly proportioned photo album. The square format means no cropping (and you can upload from your phone), but if you've got bigger snaps, there's a Little Moments Book in landscape too. Customise the cover and spine with cute captions and watch her face light up as she unboxes (and no doubt, takes a pic!). Create now.

For the caffeine addict

If your lady needs a cup of Joe to function first thing, there's no doubt she might be a caffeine addict. That's not such a bad thing, it just makes searching for romantic gift ideas for your girlfriend that much easier. Cue our Heart Handle Love Mug, designed to make her mornings that much sweeter. When you hit 'Create Now' and head to our creation studio, there's several themes to design with — most have space to add text — so let your imagination run wild and add a cute caption. You'll probably make all her other mugs jealous... Create now.

How to make unique gifts for girlfriends

Make it artistic

We know you're on the hunt for the best gift for your girlfriend — that's why a personalised gift is the best option! She's one in a million, so make a special present to match her quirks. Our Circle Window Cutout Photo Book will do just that; choose from 10 cool colours for the cover, and fill 26 glossy pages with your most romantic moments together. Customise your photo album even further with layouts and decorative backgrounds to highlight your momentos, from first date to first vacation. Why not let a photo of your latest milestone or beach break peep through the round cut-out window? Add a caption underneath to hint at what's inside...

Make it impressive

Let's be honest, good gift ideas for girlfriends aren't the easiest to come by. Toss the shower gel sets and box of chocolates — we're getting creative, thanks to our restickable, unmissable Photo Tiles! A premium Wall Art collection designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, framed and frameless (we know you like options!), this is the best gift for a girlfriend who's renting. She can stick and swap her Wall Art without the commitment, or the stress of a hammer and nails. All that's left is to decide what to print...

Make it stylish

Working from home isn't the easiest, or the most motivational. Here's a unique gift for your girlfriend; turn her workstation into home of inspiration thanks to our vintage-inspired Retro Photo Prints. Choose a selection of snaps from your favourite holiday so they can dream during Monday meetings, or for a more romantic gift idea for your girlfriend print snaps from your first date, your first getaway, your first pet together...she'll love the effort you've gone to. Crafted with a glossy finish and white back to add captions in our creation studio (or write on them later with marker pens), these nostalgic prints will bring her office to life!

Why are personalised gifts for girlfriends the best?

If you're on the hunt for the best gift ideas for your girlfriend, we've got you covered. Whether you've got a big budget to work with or you're looking for something small but sweet, we're here to help with some seriously great inspiration. One of the best gifts for a girlfriend could be the Little Moments Photo Book! Also available in landscape format and extra pages if you need them, fill up this petite wonder with all your favourite snaps together — there's even space for cute captions under each image! Upload straight from your phone and empty that camera roll, we know you've got some great photos tucked away.

Another perfect gift for a girlfriend that we guarantee she'll love, is our Mug Coloured Inside. From coffee to Cava, make her chalice something special; after all, it's what's on the inside what counts. Looking for a more unique gift for a girlfriend? Try our cool-meets-contemporary Circle Window Cutout Photo Book. Choose from 10 stylish colours for the super soft matte cover, or for a more romantic gift idea for your girlfriend, the A4 Love Book! Cute gift ideas for a girlfriends can include our fuss-free Framed Photo Prints, which is also a thoughtful gift for your girlfriend — she'll be able to put it on display as soon as she unboxes it.

Good gift ideas for your girlfriend are all right here, so let your imagination run wild when it comes to impressing your number one on her birthday/anniversary/next milestone...

Questions and answers about our personalised gifts for girlfriends

What to gift my girlfriend?

If you're looking for great gift ideas for your girlfriend, look no further than this page!

Is a photo gift to my girlfriend too sentimental?

A photo gift for your girlfriend is a unique gift for your girlfriend. She's one in a million, why not make sure your gift says the same...

What is the most thoughtful personalised present for my girlfriend?

One of the most thoughful gifts (and not to mention romantic gift ideas) for your girlfriend is a Little Moments Photo Book filled with snaps from when you first met, first holidays, first dates...all of your milestone moments! She'll love how much effort you've gone to — even though it's one of our easiest best-selling Photo Books to create.