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Personalised Christening Gifts

Their special day is approaching and it's time to start thinking about about ideas for christening gifts that will celebrate the little one. With photos of friends, family and the baby, you can create a unique personalised christening gift to mark the day for them forever.

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The belated book

If you didn't quite manage to sort the gift in time but managed to take some great photos on the day, then you're half way there! Send an A4 Personalised Photo Book full of your snaps taken of friends and family celebrating the big day with a bemused baby the centre of attention. Create now.

The parent project

Shopping for a more creative family? Put together a set of Standard 6x4 Prints spanning your camera history of vintage snaps with the parents. Paired with a beautiful blank-paged book, this is a scrapbook for parents to do for baby and add to as the years fly by. Create now.

Long distance love

Send congratulations from afar with a set of Photo Fridge Magnets. Snap a pic of you holding a message to the parents and baby to go on a few, along with some great shots of when you were last all together — and hope to be again soon! Create now.

How to create the best personalised christening gifts

Choose your photos

You're invited to their christening day - that must mean you're pretty special! And it also must mean you have plenty of photos of the little one, friends and family to make an adorable personalised christening gift. Find your favourites to get started - how about the one from the day you first met the baby or the snap the parents sent you of the newborn?

Select your gift

If you've got the pics, we've certainly got the present. Browse our selection of personalised christening gifts to find the right fit for your photos and family! More of a sentimental bunch? Create a special christening gift photo album full of photos of close friends and family, with captions to make it even more personal. Something a bit more casual? Try some Magnets with a few photos of the parents with baby, simple!

Personalise & present

Once you've found the right gift, it's time to get creative and add your own personal touch. On some personalised christening gifts you can swap your photos around until it looks just the way you want it. On others, make your mark with a caption or message to the baby that they can read fondly when they're older. On the day, get ready to astonish and delight when you present your gift - these are the ones that nobody expects!

Choosing the right personalised christening gift

Christenings and baptisms are days for family and friends to unite and celebrate but it can sometimes be hard to think of a gift that strikes the right note. Plus, the best gifts are the ones that last longer than while the baby is still small, like a christening bracelet or toy. This is where personalised christening gifts hit every mark. Personal, thoughtful and absolutely unique, these are presents that no one else will have and they will never receive one like it again.

There's a personalised christening gift for everyone from anyone! Looking for christening gifts for twins or personalised christening gifts from godparents? No problem. Mix and match from our selection and tailor each one to each baby using different backgrounds, colours, layouts and captions. They're for you to personalise and tinker with as much as you like until you've crafted the perfect christening day gift that will go down in history.

When choosing your gift to personalise, think about what kind of family your gift is for. Are they more sentimental and traditional or more quirky and unusual? If you're after a more traditional gift with a personal twist, then christening photo album gifts are the best way to celebrate the baby's journey to this day. If you're a bit short on photos (they're still a baby after all!), then try personalised christening photo frame gifts and put your token photo in the spotlight. For more a more unusual gift, we'd recommend a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle to keep them entertained with a photo of themselves!

Questions and answers about personalised christening gifts

What to buy for baptism gifts?

This will be a day to remember and what better way to give your congratulations than with personalised baptism gifts. Choose from glossy Photo Books filled with their own photos or a set of Prints to put up at home - with just a few photos, the possiblities are endless!

What are good christening gifts?

This is a special day for everyone involved, so it's important to give a gift that's not too generic or cliché. Welcome to personalised christening gifts, where you can create and customise a present that's completely unique to the baby and their christening day.

What do grandparents give for baptism gifts?

If we know grandparents (and we think we do), there's nothing more special than time spent with their grandchildren. That's why a personalised christening gift made with photos of them together with the baby will be something special for the whole family to look at together.

What is a good christening gift for a girl?

Personalised christening gifts for girls get our vote every time. They are the most personal, thoughtful gifts that really stand out from the rest. Try a Collage Poster Print with photos of baby with mum and dad - you can even choose different illustrations and background colours to make it really personal to them!

What is a good christening gift for a boy?

Jigsaw puzzles, Magnets, Photo Books and more, we've got the best collection of personalised christening gifts for boys. Just pick one or a few photos of the family and special friends to make a gift they will love from baby to adult! Or if you're looking for personalised christening gifts for godsons, then try a Wooden Keepsake Box for something really special and fill it with a collection of memorabilia and treats!

What is a typical christening gift?

Bracelets, toys, blankets...why get something typical when you could get a personalised christening gift? Create unique baptism gifts in just a few clicks when you upload your photos to our studio. Pick some Wall Art for the family to hang or a Photo Book of their early baby days to create a christening gift that's classic and unique.