Link your Nectar card to your Photobox account

How to collect points

  1. Register or Sign in on
  2. Link your Nectar card to your Photobox account
  3. Earn 2 points for every £1 spent on all personalised products
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Spend your Nectar points at Photobox

Spend Points

  1. Log in to your Nectar account at
  2. Convert your points into vouchers on the Nectar website to spend at Photobox
  3. Add the Nectar voucher code to your basket


How do I collect Nectar points?

How do I collect Nectar points?

To collect Nectar points you will need to register with Photobox. Once registered and logged in you will have the option to "Link your card" at the top of this page. As soon as your card is confirmed as linked, you will automatically start collecting Nectar points with your Photobox purchases.

How many points can I collect?

You collect 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent at Photobox excluding delivery.

You can collect up to 2,500 Nectar points per order, plus an additional 2,500 points if a special offer has been used.

Note: Points will be rounded to the nearest £1 (e.g. if you spend £9.10 you will earn 18 points, and if you earn 20 points if you spend £9.50)

Can I collect points on all products?

You will be able to collect Nectar points on all Photobox products excluding delivery.

Note: You will collect points when purchasing Photobox credits, but you will not receive any additional points when you redeem that credit.

When will my points be added?

Your points will be applied once the transaction is complete and the goods are dispatched. However, some bonus points can take up to a month to be processed.

How can I see how many points I've earned?

When you have placed an order with Photobox you will see the number of points earned on the order confirmation page. Please login to your Nectar account to view the total points you have earned and be aware they may take up to a month to appear.

What if my Nectar card is lost or stolen?

Visit Nectar to order your replacement card. You will also need to unlink your lost Nectar card from your Photobox account so that you can add the new one once it arrives. You will receive your new card within 21 days. The option to unlink should show at the top of this page.

What if I dont have a Nectar card?

Complete the registration form online at Nectar to order your Nectar card. You will receive your card within 21 days.

What are Base points and Bonus points?

You collect Base points automatically once you have linked your Nectar card to your Photobox account.

To collect Bonus points you will need to enter a specific Bonus points offer code into your basket.

Nectar Offer Codes - Terms and Conditions

What are the terms & conditions if I have an offer code?

Enter your offer code at checkout to claim your bonus points. Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes and offers. You can earn a maximum of 2500 points on any one order. Points are not collected against delivery costs or cash credits.  Points will be credited to the linked Nectar account by Nectar, within 28 days from the date the item is purchased. To begin collecting Nectar points with Photobox you must have a Nectar account and a account and then link these two accounts together. You can then collect Nectar points every time you log onto and buy eligible items on or the Photobox mobile App. For full terms, visit 

How do I spend Nectar points?

How can I use my Nectar points to buy Photobox products?

You will need a Nectar points voucher to spend your points at Photobox.

How can I get a Nectar points voucher?

You can retrieve your voucher from Nectar as soon as your Photobox and Nectar accounts are linked. You can choose from a £3, £6, £12 or £24 voucher.

When will my voucher expire?

Vouchers expire after 6 months.

Can I collect points on my vouchers?

No, you will not collect new points when using your vouchers to make a Photobox purchase.

Can I use multiple Nectar cards?

No, you can only link one Nectar card to your Photobox account to collect and spend points.

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