Unique ideas & inspiration to create your travel photo book

By Photobox on 31 July 2023

It’s time to create a travel photo book *yay*. Making a book of your travels is a great way to look back on all the adventures you went on and get excited for the ones to come. After all, travelling is the perfect source of inspiration, and leaves you with a camera roll full of memories to create with. But if you’re struggling to come up with extra unique ways to tell your story, here’s some travel photo book ideas to get you started.

The cover of your travel photo book

If you’re looking for some travel photo book cover ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Opting for the best photo from the trip is always a great choice for the cover, and will make your book unique simply because it’s *yours*. With the A4 Classic Photo Book your star photo can peek through the window on the front, or if you’re having difficulty deciding, you can feature nine photos on the cover with the A4 Classic Collage Photo Book.

It helps to think about the theme of your book and select a cover photo that helps summarise the adventures inside, such as a family selfie for “The Campbell’s Family Holiday 2023”, or a view of the city skyline for your “Adventures in NYC”.

Picking a title for your travel photo book is also a great opportunity to make your book unique – a phrase in the local language of where you visited, an in-joke from the trip, or some fun alliteration can all help make your book stand out. Have a read of our 60 travel photo book title ideas for ideas and inspiration.

Images in your travel photo book

We’re sure your camera roll is already packed with snaps from your travels, but adding different kinds of images to your travel photo book can help tell your story in a unique way. And don’t worry – our range of travel photo books mean that you can select a book with lots of pages to fit them all, or even add extra pages to your chosen style for a small fee.

If you visited many different places this summer (lucky you), adding a picture of a map alongside each collection of photos can help give the pages of your book a unique touch. To do this, head to Google Maps, zoom in on the area, take a screen grab, and add the image to your book. If you’re an iPhone user, you can also head to your Photos app, scroll down to ‘Places’, zoom in, and take a screenshot of the map featuring little icons of your snaps and where they were taken.

If you visited some a-mazing restaurants on your trip, adding a picture of the menu to your travel photo book is a unique way to transport you back to those good times you had. You can usually find pdf versions of these either on the restaurant’s website, or in the Photos section of the Google Maps or Trip Advisor listings.

Liking these ideas? Maybe you’ll want to continue the scrapbook-style by opting for the retro Photo Journal, with lots of space to add in photos now and then decorate with all those little mementos you gathered when it arrives.

Captions for your travel photo book

If you’re not much of a wordsmith, coming up with fun captions for all your photos can sometimes leave you stumped.

Similarly to the title of your travel photo book, a unique caption can come in many forms. The date and location are a classic choice, such as “Milan, June 2023”. A unique twist on location captions is adding the coordinates of where the photo was taken – to find these, zoom all the way in on the location in Google Maps, right click the exact spot, and copy the pairs of decimals from the box that comes up.

Maybe you prefer a cheeky play on words as the caption to add a bit of humour to your story, like “Getting some vitamin sea” for that day at the beach. If your travels left you feeling inspired, opt for a quote that really captures the essence of the photo – we love “Not all who wander are lost – J.R.R. Tolkien”, for that day you decided to just aimlessly explore the area.

In the day and age of witty captions on Instagram, there’s always inspiration to be found online, so feel free to have a browse and see what others are saying to gather even more ideas for your travel photo book captions.

Backgrounds and illustrations in your travel photo book

Decorating your travel photo book using the Photobox Editor is the *best* way to make your book unique. Take an evening to cosy up at your desktop, reminisce about the adventures you went on, and have a play with all the features available.

There’s hundreds of options on desktop for you to use as backgrounds for your photos to help them stand out, from 72 standard colours, to loads of textured styles including gradients, flora and fauna, and geometric patterns. Illustrated stickers range from food and drink, nature, transport, arrows, hearts, stars, bunting, accessories, and many more, all of which can be resized and moved around on the page.

Making a travel photo book unique is easy with Photobox. And now that the creativity is flowing, don’t forget to create even more photo gifts of your overseas adventures. If you’re in need of more inspiration, check out some more travel photo book examples here.