60 travel photo book title ideas

By Photobox on 31 July 2023

A travel themed photo album is a great way to celebrate and share your favourite moments in new places, and the title on the cover works to set the tone of your story. It also gives your avid readers an idea of what’s inside, and helps the book stand out on your shelves.

The destination and date of your trip – such as ‘Italy 2023’ – is a very classic and popular travel photo book name idea, and a good way to kickstart an organised collection (because let’s be honest, you’re probably already daydreaming about your next adventure).

For a creative photo album name to summarise your travel stories, think back over what made your trip memorable and special, and what kind of theme the photos in your book follow. The places you visited can also be the *perfect* source of inspiration for your photo book name, from phrases in the local language such as ‘Paris, je t’aime’, to the style of holiday you had like ‘Summer by the Seaside’ for those beach trips.

Coming up with photo album name ideas can be a really fun part of creating your book, but if you’re not much of a wordsmith, it might be leaving you stumped. Not to worry – we’ve got you covered with 60 travel photo album title ideas to help your book make the best first impression.

Travel photo book title ideas

Short trip

1. 24 hours in Brighton
2. Our short and sweet escape
3. A weekend in Paris
4. No annual leave required

Beach holiday

5. Sun, sand and sea
6. Splash!
7. Seaside state of mind
8. Beach bums
9. SPF 50

Road trip

10. Our summer on the road
11. Have wheels, will travel
12. The road best travelled
13. Kings of the highway
14. The road trip chronicles
15. Hittin’ the road

Family holiday

16. [Last name]’s family holiday 2023
17. [Last name] family fun in the sun
18. Our family adventures
19. Rugrats in Rome

Solo travel

20. My travel diary
21. Table for one
22. Vitamin D, all for me
23. Solo in the sun
24. Flying solo
25. Nomadic [first name]


26. Our summer around the world
27. Here, there & everywhere
28. Summer in a faraway land
29. Air miles and memories
30. Brits abroad
31. Europe in photos

City references

32. Venice: the floating city
33. Finding our way in the concrete jungle
34. Sangria in Spain
35. Ciao from the land of pasta
36. Paris, the city of love
37. Coastal days in Cornwall
38. Lisbon, eu te amo


39. Memories in Mallorca
40. Beaches and beers
41. A Scottish summer
42. Good times in Greece
43. Escape to Egypt
44. From London to Lyon


45. Our summer adventure
46. Off the beaten path
47. Getting lost in Europe
48. A summer to remember
49. Exploring the world


50. The great staycation
51. Holidays at home
52. All we need is each other
53. Adventures in our own backyard
54. A summer well spent

Travels with friends

55. Hot girl summer
56. Beach babes
57. Lads on tour
58. The travel tribe
59. Sol mates
60. Friends who travel together, stay together

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