Photo book based on your wedding style

By Photobox on 19 September 2023

Picking the right wedding photo album for you (and your newly wedded spouse)

The first step in your wedding photo book creation journey is to think about the aesthetic or theme of your big day. We’ve picked a few popular themes to choose from and their matching wedding photo album, so you can sit back and enjoy going through those special day snaps. Was your theme rustic and simple? Full of natural colours and outdoorsy vibes. Or did you opt for a more traditional wedding theme, with florals and bright colours? Whatever theme you had, we’ve got a wedding photo album for you.

Your new wedding photo book awaits…

Your wedding day theme: Rustic

We suggest: A4 Lay Flat Padded Cover Photo Book

If your special day was all things rustic, from string lights to bunting made from twine, this is the photo book for you. Introducing the A4 Lay Flat Padded Cover Photo Book, the perfect wedding day companion for all your snaps from the big day. Its padded cover gives it a softer high-quality finish. The whole family will want to gather round the table to flip through the extra thick pages and since it’s fingerprint and scratch-resistant, even the little ones can get their hands on it. Camera roll full? No problem, this wedding photo book comes with a maximum of 122 pages.

Your wedding day theme: Modern

We suggest: Square Lay Flat Premium Photo Book

If you had a modern wedding theme, consider yourself a trendsetter as this aesthetic is suuuuper popular. With clean, modern lines and minimalist designs, our Square Lay Flat Premium Photo Book is the perfect wedding photo album for you. It’s a stylish photo book ready to be created with your special day snaps. Personalise the cover or keep it minimal with a caption, perhaps the date of the wedding? With extra thick pages your wedding day photos will be kept safe whilst looking picture perfect.

Your wedding day theme: Traditional

We suggest: Lay Flat Photo Book

A traditional wedding calls for a traditional wedding photo book, right? We’ve got just the one for you, the Lay Flat Photo Book – perfect for keeping on your bookshelves or as a coffee table book to impress your guests. Display your panoramic family wedding snaps across the extra thick pages and you know you have a winner when it comes to photo books.

Your wedding day theme: Spring

We suggest: Love Photo Book

A Spring wedding has the perfect weather to celebrate with your loved ones, and not forgetting to take some sunny snaps of the big day too. Our Love Photo Book has Spring vibes written all over it, with the striking cover page and cutout heart shaped window to pop your favourite photo in. With 26 pages and the possibility to add more, you’ll have *loads* of room to display your Spring wedding snaps.

Your wedding day theme: Vintage

We suggest: A4 Personalised Photo Book

Drawing inspiration from the past, a Vintage wedding is a spectacular event, so you need a unique photo book to tell the story. Our A4 Personalised Photo Book is the perfect choice, with a wide range of design features to choose from, you can add that vintage touch to every page.

Your wedding photo book, your way

Once you’ve picked your wedding photo book, it’s time to get creative. Whatever wedding photo album you’ve chosen, you’re able to customise it to your wedding theme, perfect as a gift to yourself, your new spouse or loved ones who attended the special day. Let’s start with the front cover, either add your favourite snap from the day or keep it minimal with a block colour or background. Personalise the inside pages with different layouts and backgrounds to tell your wedding story, plus you’re able to add text captions, perfect for giving context to a funny photo.

Recreate your special day by creating a wedding photo book with Photobox, and check out our other wedding blogs for more inspiration.