How to create the perfect gift list online

Your wedding day is likely stressful enough for you as it is – so there’s no need to make it stressful for your guests too! Creating a wedding gift list for your guests that is versatile, affordable, and personalised not only saves them the pressure of trying to come up with something on their own, it also means you get to avoid the potential awkwardness of not quite falling in love with the gifts you receive. There are probably loads of new things you need for your new family that you might not be able to afford with your big day just around the corner, and wedding gifts are a great way to knock a few items off the wish list!

With more and more couples already establishing their home together before marriage, the options for wedding gifts have rapidly expanded. You may prefer cash gift lists– perhaps to go towards your honeymoon or the wedding itself, as opposed to a more traditional gift. The options are endless when it comes to wedding gifts, so creating a definitive list can be tricky.

The days of registering at just one shop are quickly fading away – as online shopping continues to rise, so too do the options for creating an online wedding gift list. Now, there are countless online businesses offering a huge range of brands and products, to suit any and every couple. But how do you choose just one? Luckily, we’ve weighed out the options for the very best wedding gift lists:


A personalised gift list from Prezola is the perfect option for couples that are looking for luxury items from leading brands such as Jamie Oliver, The White Company, and Graham & Green.

With over 30,000 products from 300 of the UK’s top brands, you’re spoilt for choice. Such a huge range also means that your guests are given a variety of options that can fit their specific budget, and if you’re still struggling to pick the best gifts, there’s a selection of specially curated lists for inspiration.

Prezola boasts incomparable flexibility, giving you the option to open, alter, and close your list at any time before and after your wedding. You can choose your own delivery date – and all gifts are delivered completely free of charge.

Perhaps the most alluring feature of Prezola’s wedding package, when you create a gift list, you are given your own free, fully customisable wedding website to share with guests, where your Prezola list can be integrated!

Prezola doesn’t limit you to just products. A Premier Plus account, at just £59, means that you can also add a honeymoon fund, cash contributions, or charity donations all within the single list! Cash contributions with Prezola are sent directly to your account, so they can be spent absolutely anywhere, with zero hidden fees.

The Wedding Shop

Having been in the wedding gift game for over 25 years – longer than any other in the UK – The Wedding Shop is a family-owned business that understands how important it is that your wedding reflects your unique personality. Known for introducing Vera Wang wedding dresses to the UK in 2003, The Wedding Shop have always been ahead of the curve.

If there’s a product you’re interested in that isn’t already their massive catalogue – just let them know and they’ll find it for you! After all, you shouldn’t have to completely change your registry just because one item is missing.

The Wedding Shop has options for cash contributions, honeymoon funds, and charity donations, as well as gift cards that can be spent on any of their items. They allow you to exchange any item in their catalogue for another, and your list remains active for 12 months after your wedding date.

The Wedding Shop also has showrooms across the UK, so you can give everything a proper look before you add it to your list.


Of course, if you want to truly diversify your options, there’s no better choice than Amazon. While others may favour more traditional wedding gift ideas – homeware and lifestyle products – choosing Amazon means you, and your guests, have the freedom to include absolutely anything your heart desires – and chances are, almost all of your guests will already have a good deal of experience using it!

Have we missed your favourite wedding gift registry? Let us know in the comment section below!

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