Let’s set the scene; they’re down on one knee, ring box in hand, you’re shocked (but not that shocked…) and you say yes. Celebrations all round (in other words – pop the champagne). You want to savor this moment so you decide to create a photobook with all your relationship stories from the start to this very moment.
That’s where we come in, hello, we are the photo book experts and we’re here to turn your favourite moments into an engagement photo album that you can keep forever.

Simple, small but worth every moment

Say hello to our Little Moments Photo Book. Even though it’s got ‘little’ in its name, it packs a big punch when it comes to celebrating your favourite moments. The power of creation is down to you, from the front cover to the layout of photos inside.

The engagement photo album for you: Little Moments Photo Book

To create your engagement photo book – first choose your photos, straight from your phone and social media (because it’s not official until Instagram sees it). Then choose the size of the photo book. Go square if you’re taking the snaps straight from the ‘Gram, or landscape if you want to add panoramic photos. This photo book is super high-quality with lay flat binding too, so the whole family can flip through the book without a problem.

Classic proposal = Classic photo book

Peek through the window of our Classic Photo Book and revel in your favourite moments. With a range of colours to choose from, you can match your engagement photo book to your home decor or wedding colour scheme (are we getting ahead of ourselves?).

The engagement photo album for you: Classic Photo Book

Super classic but still an iconic choice, this photo book is the perfect engagement gift to yourself (congratulations), a loved one or a friend. It’s A4 in size with enough pages to fill with those candid proposal photos. Not only can you choose what colour the album is, but you can pick the background colour and the finish of the pages too. We’re really spoiling you here…. Make an afternoon of it (after the excitement has died down, of course), get comfy and start creating your engagement photo book.

Let’s go all out

Getting engaged is a once in a lifetime experience so why not go all out to celebrate the occasion? You can start saving for the wedding afterwards. We’ve got the perfect photo book for you, the Lay Flat Silver Halide. Now you’re probably wondering, lay flat…silver halide? Don’t worry, this is our most premium photo book, so we’ll provide an explanation that’ll leave you wanting to create one now.

The engagement photo album for you: A4 Lay Flat Silver Halide

Like we said, this photo book is our most premium, and for good reason. Its lay flat binding is perfect for showcasing photos on the coffee table (look everyone, we’re getting married). This sturdy, high-quality photo book is a keeper, no matter how many times you move house. As for silver halide– that’s a special method of photo printing, that gives your already wonderful photos a sharper, more vivid image. The result? A rich, scratch and water-resistant print, that will maintain its quality for years.

A journal worth keeping

If you’re more the sentimental type,, our Photo Journal is the perfect choice for your engagement photos. It has a scrapbook style layout, so you can create the engagement photo book of your dreams – with pages to display your photos but also space to write captions and little reminders of the good times.

The engagement photo album for you: Photo Journal

Introducing our Photo Journal, in all its glory. This is the photo book for the chill, relaxed people who don’t want to make a big song and dance about their engagement. It’s still a high-quality album but with less fuss and more space for you to create a scrapbook to keep forever. With its craft-style cover and variety of spine colours, you can still take the creative reins in making it your own. The eco-friendly pages allow you to write freely, captions or little inside jokes to really make it personal to you or your loved one.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our photo books range or our other photo book blogs and celebrate your stories with Photobox.