ChristmasGift Ideas

5 stocking filler gifts that your kids will love

Here are some cute, easy-to-make Christmas gift ideas that the kids will want to keep. 

Why? Because rather than a plastic ninja-pony that’ll break in two seconds, it’s that hilarious photo with a funny caption, or you’ve got a great snap of the family all together, or it’s them (let’s face it, kids love looking at photos of themselves and your phone’s full of them) – on a gift that makes them smile. 

Better stocking fillers, this way…

Personalised Pouches

How about using their artwork, their silliest face or the dog’s? You can fill these with other presents for Russian-doll-style excitement. Then it’s a pencil case or wash bag for sleepovers – one they (hopefully) won’t lose. Create their pouch

Personalised Playing Cards 

Easy to slide into a stocking and a good way to get them away from the telly for a bit, to play with the family. Create their cards


A shiny ornament starring… them. Funny faces work brilliantly in these, so get scrolling through your photos. Create their bauble

Snow Globes

Lots of snow-shaking fun to be had. And if you use a Christmassy shot of them, it’s a lovely keepsake you can bring out year-after-year. Create one now

Personalised Tins

These tins are a great stocking filler as you can fill them with other presents – new felt tips, jewellery or fun-sized chocolate bars. It might even tidy up a few bits in their room (massive win).Create their tin