Make the perfect calendar for your friends and family

“Let me just check my diary…”

How many times a day do you hear that? Yes, we’re all leading busier and busier lives, but getting organised needn’t be a chore. In fact, with the right kind of calendar, sorting out a whirlwind social life becomes a total breeze. Go the extra mile and get your loved ones some personalised calendars (or just treat yourself!). We’ve already done our homework and come up with four sorts of busy people you might know, and which calendar they’ll like best.

The busy parent

Since they became proud parents, have you noticed your siblings are busier than ever? Earn yourself some serious aunt or uncle brownie points by helping them get organised. With an A4 Personalised Calendar they can pin to the kitchen wall, they can always have an eye on upcoming holidays, parent-teacher meetings and doctor’s appointments. Plus, with the Photo Days function that lets you add a picture and caption to any day of the year, you can make sure they never forget any family member’s birthday again. You could even go the whole hog and offer to babysit once in a while…

Create Calendar

The Instagram-obsessed teenager

Download at least 12 of their most popular Insta pics and make them a Square Calendar they can show off to their friends – provided they’re not horribly embarrassed by the whole episode. You don’t even need to crop the images: they should already be the right format. Too many to choose from? Add up to nine pics per month (108 in total) so you can do justice to your teenager’s artistic brilliance.

Create Square Calendar

The workaholic

Whether it’s your other half, your aunt or your father-in-law, you know this person spends a lot of time at the office. Remind them there’s more to life than work with a Desk Calendar, filled with holiday pictures, photos of their loved ones and happy dinners with the family. The classic version includes up to 12 pictures (one per month) and the Deluxe between 56 and 224 (up to four per page). So it all depends on how many pictures you have really. And if you want to properly jazz up their desk, pick one of our funky new designs.

Create Desk Calendar

The super active grandparent

Always on the go, involved with so many charities you’ve lost count of them, still available to babysit the grandkids at short notice, this grandparent is an old-school organiser in need of a reliable solution to keep track of everything going on in their life. With a Large Photo Diary, even the busiest of 70-year-old social butterflies will have enough space to squeeze in their many appointments. You’ll need one photo per week, so simply upload a bunch of family snaps and you’re sorted.

Create Large Photo Diary

Hopefully you’re now feeling inspired to create a thoughtful and practical gift that will show your loved ones just how much they mean to you! At the very least, they’ll stop forgetting your birthday.

If you’re not tempted by any of the above, why not spoil yourself and create your own dream calendar? Mix it up with your favourite snaps (last year’s Easter egg hunt with the kids) and holiday photos (sunbathing in Skegness), and choose a design that goes well with your home decor.

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