The best gift idea to make with your kid’s pictures: a personalised wall calendar

My sister loves photography, she has her camera in her hand everywhere she goes because there’s always a good reason to take pictures! And if she forgets her camera, she uses her smartphone. Her children are her favourite subject. She captures every important moment (or not) of their lives and sends me each of them almost every day! It can be some pictures with the cats or them asleep in the back of the car…

As I don’t see them as much as I would like – I live in the UK and the rest of my family is in France – I can remotely experience these little moments or big occasions like their start of the school year, birthdays, football matches, holidays, etc.

So you can guess I’ve got plenty of pictures of my niece and nephews in my phone and believe me or not, I never printed them! It’s time to make that right, so I decided to treat myself and make a personalised wall calendar that I could hang on the kitchen wall – and I will do another one for my parents. It will be a perfect gift for their birthdays or for Christmas.

A quick gift for your parents or yourself

In order to look at my sister’s kids every day, I’ve chosen the A4 Personalised Wall Calendar with white background. I dug out some of my favourite snaps – only taken during the last year so it’s easier to narrow down my selection. I could even add multiple photos to some pages if I wanted to.

A quick and easy creation

  • Choose one or several snaps by month. I decided to pick photos that tell a story, some little moments of everyday life (funny faces, walk in a field from last month, the Halloween party… their fancy-dress was quite scary…) and some big occasions, like Christmas at my parents or a trip to London to visit me
  • Upload all your photos to Photobox
  • Use the layout, choose your favourite background – black or white or both of them – the month that you want to start with and add up to three pictures of your choice
  • Add captions or reminders – select the font and the colour you like – to not forget any birthdays, weddings, Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Finalise your unique calendar

Et voilà my creation!

This calendar was very simple to make, the hardest thing is to sort your pictures out. Obviously, you don’t have to use photos of your kids, you can replace them with some furry members of your family (I am only talking about dogs and cats not Uncle Georges!), the best places you ever visited – cities or countries. And if you’re not against a bit of DIY, you can turn your kids’ drawings into a calendar!

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