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Six steps to creating your own recipe book

Remember Grandma’s peach upside down cake? Or Uncle John’s squash and feta pie? What about the kids’ questionable chocolate cookies? Nothing brings people together quite like food, so why not start taking note of all those delicious dishes and create your own family recipe photo book. Lacking on inspiration? Chuck in those Saturday Kitchen favourites too, we won’t tell!

Here are our six top tips to help create the perfect family cookbook:

1. Gather your recipes

A recipe book isn’t complete without, well, recipes. So, dig out all those old family favourites, the ones you’ve pinched from friends at dinner parties, and the ones you’ve seen Nigella master and passed off as your own invention. It doesn’t matter where they’ve come from, the main thing is that they taste good!

2. Pick a theme

Christmas Classics, Family Favourites, Delicious Desserts – the list goes on. Select a theme that links all those scrummy recipes together so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you reach for that book.

If you’re giving it as a gift, choose a theme that’s relevant to that specific person. For example, if your first born is leaving home for university, why not create a unique recipe book full of all their favourite foods? That way they’ll get to take a piece of home with them, and you can rest assured that at least they’ll be eating something other than cheesy pasta and late-night kebabs!

3. Plan your book

Whether you want to kick things off with a Starters section, or you want to have a section for each contributor, it’s a good idea to have an order so that you know exactly where to find your favourites. Go down the traditional route with a Starters, Mains, Desserts order. Or, categorise by ingredients – Veg, Meat, Sweets and so on. Another idea is to follow the seasons – have a section full of summer specials and one for all those winter warmers.

4. Ready, set, COOK!

Now you’ve got all your recipes sorted, you’ll need some photography to go alongside them. Don’t just dig out any old snaps of these delicious dishes, get cooking! You can shoot every meal in the same way to add a sense of consistency to the book. The best part of this step? You get to try all your favourite foods over and over again!

5. Get creative

So, you’ve got all your recipes at the ready, your photographs are stacked high, and you’re ready to go. But where to start? That’s up to you! You can customise the size and placement of all your photos, how many you’d like per page, and what order they come in. Plus, you can select the font size and colour to create something truly unique.

Want to make it seem more personal? Choose a handwritten font to give it a homemade feel. Gone for a book of Scandi classics? Select a modern sans-serif font to give it a clean and simple look. We’ve chosen to use a Square Spiral Softcover Photo Book so that the pages can lay flat, making it easy to read. We’ve also chosen a glossy finish – perfect to wipe clean for all those unavoidable splashes and spills.

Need a little help adding in your recipes? This handy blog post is full of little hints and tips about adding text to photo books that’ll get you creating in no time!

6. Made for sharing

Just like the food, your recipe book is made for sharing. Whether you give it as a gift, or keep it in the family, the meals you cook from it are sure to be extra special!