Just how easy is it to create a Calendar on your mobile?

Pretty easy.

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If you’re still reading (and not clicking your way through a calendar) here are a few pointers.

Although the screen is smaller, your phone is probably where all your photos are so that’s one less uploading job to do. On the other hand, it’s trickier to check your photo quality. So pay attention to the green smiley face when you add each photo – if it’s yellow or red, it’s not worth the risk.

Here’s a guide to making two of our most popular calendars on your mobile:

A4/A3 Personalised Calendar

  • Click + to add photos from your phone’s library. 
  • Then it’s simple to drag and drop them onto the right pages.
  • Swap layouts around and change images. 
  • Click the photo to edit if you need to. Job done.

You can still add captions on a phone

For example, on the front cover there’s a “T”: click on it and it’ll expand so you can add a message. Don’t forget you can use the bar below to change fonts, colours and make it bigger too.

Photos you’ve used have a little green ‘1’ next to them as it’s trickier to keep track on a smaller screen. In fact, it’s easier to click ‘Hide used photos’.

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Desk Calendar

The process is slightly different as you don’t choose layouts on this one.

You’ll need one panoramic shot or a landscape you can edit, for the cover.

Inside, the shots are all the same size so you might need to crop them. This is very easy to do: you just click on the photo, click the middle icon and then move the image until it’s how you want it.

Again check you’ve got a green smiley face appearing on all your photos.

Then decide if you want a white or black background for each page.

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Once you’re done

Click the disk icon to save and then hit the shopping trolley icon.

If it’s looking good and you’ve a few family members on your list, don’t forget you’ll get a discount if you add more.

And that… is it.

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