How to create a series of travel Photo Books (at the best price!)

Ever wanted to make a collection of all your travels? That’s what Marie, who works at Photobox, has done. This is just a small part of her photo book collection, showing off trips to the United States, Jordan, and various parts of Australia, where Marie comes from.

“I wanted a collection of my travels,” says Marie. “I want them to look similar so they look part of the same series. The idea is to have them as coffee table books, to display in the lounge.”

“I went to the Northern Territory with my folks and made the book for my Dad’s birthday, and got a copy for myself. Now, anyone who goes to Australia I tell them: forget Sydney, forget Melbourne, go to Northern Territory. It’s genuinely one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been, really wild.”

“Queensland’s motto is ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’. I went when I was 10 but when I visited as an adult it rained the whole time – I had to make these photos black and white because it was pouring!

“My strongest memory from when I was 10 is of swimming at Cape Tribulation. I really don’t like the cold so it’s the only sea in Australia that’s been warm enough for me to swim in, but this time I was told they don’t recommend swimming at the beach because of crocodiles! So now I’m thinking, did I imagine this?”

An insider tip for the best price on photo books

Marie has an insider tip for anyone planning on making a collection: buy photo books on credit. “I buy the A4 Personalised Photo Book,” she says. “I always buy that because I want the books to be the same. And if I wait for credit, it’s the best deal for that book.

“I bought 60 page photo books for the two Australia, and my United States book is 100 pages, and I bought them both in a credit sale, saving up to 70% on all three!”

Not heard of credit before? It’s a special offer we do where you can buy a specific book at a low price, and then take up to three months to make the book exactly how you want it. (We’ve got a longer explanation about credit here.)


Credit was perfect for Marie: she had a lot of photos to sort through, and she had a lot of extras she wanted to add. “I used some of the preset layouts but almost all the pages where the photos go across more than one page, I did them myself. I added borders to some photos and the index at the front, too.”

She also added long captions, reminders of where she’d been and what she learned. Like in Jerash in Jordan, one of the best preserved ancient Roman sites in the world.


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