Creating a summer holiday Photo Book

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When we go on holiday, we all take hundreds of pictures. That sunset on the beach, the beautiful dessert after a delicious meal, Dad’s bad sunburn. All these moments usually live on your phone or computer when you’ve come back from your holiday. So what can we do to make those holiday moments real again? Create a Photo Book of course. Something physical we can hold and show to friends and family when we get back.

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We’ve partnered up with Jenny, blogger at Monkey and Mouse, who shares why and how she created her Photo Book while she was on holiday. So that she and her family could relive those sunny moments days after they returned home.

Over to you Jenny!

Creating summer holiday Photo Books

We recently arrived back from Spain where we had an amazing time in the Spanish sun.  There were many memories made in the pool and on the beach, with a little sightseeing thrown in as well.

I was particularly proud of my two boys in the pool.  Our littlest doesn’t get to swim very often, but he was doing particularly well on holiday. His big brother has always been a reluctant swimmer and it was only with him watching his little brother leap in that he decided to try it too.

Capturing the moments

Creating summer holiday photo books

I used both my new Canon G7x camera and the iPhone 7 Plus to capture our holiday moments.  I was so impressed with the iPhone’s photo quality that I ordered a Photobox A4 Photo Book using only the photos taken on the iPhone 7.

The great thing about Photobox is that I could order online using my phone and easily upload and edit photo positioning.  It took me less than 45 minutes to create a photo book that I loved.

I don’t know about you, but a lot of the time my photos are never printed off and remain locked in my computer.  But knowing how quick it is to create a Photo Book using Photobox means that our photos can quickly and easily be printed after our holiday.  It’s also a much nicer way of sharing our favourite photos with family and friends, rather than staring at a finger-printed laptop screen!

Enjoying our holiday images

Creating summer holiday photo books

Photobox gives you the ability to choose from so many options.  You can choose background colours, photo layouts, matt or gloss cover, text and sleeve packaging to name a few.  It’s really easy to create a unique book of memories for your family.

We have been enjoying looking through our photos and the boys have been pointing out everything.  Our littlest particularly loves to tell us what he was doing in each photo, acting out scenes from Moana seem key to him!

I can’t wait to show our family our new photo book and let the boys tell them about all the fun they had. There’s nothing like a summer holiday to create happy family memories.

Start creating your Photo Book
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