Make 2021 special: NEW Photodays stickers!

New Year’s Resolutions are out. 2021 promises are in.

Turn this year into something truly special by making promises of time to yourself (and others!). From pledging a Sunday roast with your friends every month, to mum dedicating her bi-weekly Fridays to pampering only, we’re making 2021 vows with our amazing new calendar range.

So, what’s the secret to reminding yourself of these wonderful 2021 promises? It’s Photodays in Editor of course! When you create your Calendar, simply use our  Photodays feature (for a small fee) to highlight important days throughout the year. This allows you to add snaps and text on the dates of the month in the calendar. For more info, head here.

To dial things up a notch, we’ve created custom designs for you to use and mark those extra special days; Self Care Sunday = the pretty fancy bath. Film night with the kids? Sprinkle some stars on it!

To download your free stickers, simply…

  • Right click,
  • Save to desktop
  • Upload to the Editor and choose your Photodays

If you’re viewing us on mobile;

  • Tap and save to your gallery

Grab a calendar here and get 2021 off to a great start — our stickers (and your plans!) are waiting…


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TAGS: 2021 Calendars

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