Summer decor: 5 seasonal trends

Had enough of the neutral colours and sheepskin fabrics that gave your home a ‘cocooning’ feel all winter? Do you crave the brightness and zest of summer days? Follow this guide and let the sunshine into your ‘home sweet home’ with the best home decor ideas for summer.

A focus on colour

For summer 2017, the definitive colour is ‘Greenery’, the ultra-luminous green that has been selected as colour of the year by Pantone. Cream shades for a refreshing uplift. With sunshine yellow, you can treat yourself to a tropical, punchy living room that livens up your decor. Navy blue remains a must this season, like . This summer, soft and delicate are also key, with ‘watercolour’ motifs printed on curtains, cushions or directly on the wall. Lemon yellow and mint green are also great to add bursts of colour into the kitchen: showcase these colours on a personalised mug, for example.

Modern bed and small nightstand with bunch of flowers in cozy bedroom

Focus on natural materials

Linen, hemp, cane, straw or natural wood… Of all the decorating ideas for summer, raw materials are this year’s oh-so-chic winners for today’s leading interior designers. They add style and a tantalising holiday feel to your interior. In the living room and bedroom, curtains of crushed linen, a wealth of woven baskets, benches and wicker chairs transform your summer decor.

textured of rattan chair furniture

Jungle city spirit

How can you add a touch of jungle to your home? Not only is it possible, we recommended it. Palm fronds are everywhere this summer: on wallpaper and framed posters. Arrange cactus plants on the window ledge or on your chest of drawers. Make the most of your climbing plants, even if you hang them from the ceiling. When it comes to colour, this plant-inspired palette is simple to match with terracotta for a chic Mexican ambiance, pristine white for a ‘summer house’ feel or even powder pink, which remains one of the summer décor trends.

living room with jungle print wall paper

Lanterns take the spotlight

Paper lanterns have never been such a key feature of our interiors. Not long ago, we simply hung them from the ceiling to light up a room. Today, lanterns come in all hues and happily combine to form attractive bouquets of coloured paper. Hang them in the corner of a room, from the ceiling or arrange them in clusters on a dresser. Available in yellow, orange or red, they bring warmth and a cheerful glow to your interior.

Space for learning in modern teenager's room with paper lanterns hanging from ceiling

The nautical look

Is the ‘fisherman’s house’ look outdated? Not in the least. Especially if we revisit it with the summer 2017 version. Away with the simple marine stripe. This season, it’s mixed with ethnic, geometric or classic decorative motifs. The idea? To mix designs and prints while keeping the same navy blue and white tones. Choose among these decor ideas this summer (or combine them all) for a truly trendy home.

Marine style decorations and textiles in baby room

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