Floral decor: 4 ways to get the look

Flowers bring a breath of fresh air into your home. Flowers add character to your decor. The proof is in four seasonal trends.

Floral decor – rustic style

In pastel tones (pink, green, blue) and printed on cushions, curtains or even rugs, flowers offer a rustic look that is trendy both in the living room and bedroom. Combine with chic provincial-style furniture: a wrought-iron bed, a carved wooden chest of drawers. For a touch of contrast here and there, think a dash of dark green or vivid pink. Imagine all of this against a white or cream walls. And the floor? Bring back vintage-feeling cement tiles or uncover the old parquet flooring for a romantic interior design.

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Chic tropical-style decor

Flower decor can also take on exotic and luxurious accents. You’ll love the new-style wallpaper featuring large palm leaves enhanced by ultra-colourful flowers, like this ‘Tropical Fever’ design from Allen Braithwaite. If you’ve dared to go for multi-coloured walls, choose plain fabrics in blue, dark green, white or beige, to avoid making the room look too busy. Second option: neutral walls, but with fabrics covered in floral patterns. On the furniture front, go for ultra-trendy wicker or woven cane. Mix with decorative objects inspired by “jungle power”: a flowery mug or a tropical cushion that you can create in just a few clicks on our website. Finally, why not opt for a flexible style of decor with wall stickers that you can arrange—and rearrange—anywhere you like?

cushion with jungle leaf pattern

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Blossoms are taking shape

For original and modern decor, opt for stylised flower or geometric prints, like the Vevey fabric created by Missoni, which you can order here. Combined with black and white, this type of pattern brings a poetic touch to the home. To make the very most of your flower decor, accessorise your fabrics with straight-lined objects in assorted colours: black, white, red or pink. For another pop-urban style, think flower wall stickers and stencils to personalise your walls and fabrics.

Monochrome bedding with black flowers

Mix and match flowers

You don’t need to be an interior designer to dare to mix styles. Whether you’re more into 70s-inspired giant petals or Liberty-style small flowers, photograph your bouquets of the season close-up and create an original When it comes to textiles, you can also match your floral cushions, curtains or covers with plain colours to balance the effect. To select the right accessories, dip into the many floral collections of the season for colourful and original decor.

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