5 great ideas to decorate your living room

The living room is the one place you can really indulge all those awesome decorating ideas that you’ve always wanted to explore. From flamboyant flowers to a learned library, there’s plenty of different ways that you can show off your decorating credentials. Take a look at some of our top living room decorating ideas for help and inspiration, not that you really need it!


Turn your living room into a floral fantasia by flooding the space with flowers. With so many different colours to choose from, it’s best to match your choice of flowers to your room’s existing colour palette. White roses, peonies and hyacinths go great with a lighter background, while you could introduce a bit of vibrancy with a rainbow-coloured bouquet of dahlias and tulips, for instance.

Oh, and before you say it, there’s nothing girly about decorating with flowers – but if you’re looking for something less feminine, herbs and lemons also do the trick.

If you’re looking for living room decorating ideas that focus on natural elements, don’t forget about plants! They provide a big dose of nature to your interior design, but they’re also a wonderful means of improving your living room’s air quality. Snake plants, aloe vera and Chinese evergreens are all fantastic choices in this regard.

Of course, you don’t have to only focus on physical flowers. Why not print images of flowers and plants onto your cushions or household accessories?

Wall Art

If you’re looking for wall décor ideas, decorating your wall with photo prints is a brilliant way of jazzing up your interior décor. There are loads of different ways in which you can make great use of this classic decoration. Play around with different patterns – from rows to circles – and mix and match with different shapes and sizes of frame. Get personalised prints of photos, art or favourite quotes (typography is definitely in), that way, you can really transform the design of your living room into something meaningful, showing off your personality and artistic credentials in the process. Create a beautiful photo collage, or dress up your surfaces with customised mugs, calendars and cushions.

If you’re getting a bit tired of the standard photo frame, a photo block could be a great alternative. These free-standing blocks can be placed on shelves or desks – ideal for a stripped-down space in need of a bit of TLC!


Rugs are a really understated way of defining your living room’s space. Not only can they be used to colour coordinate the room, they’re a great way of dividing up space.

Use a couple of different rugs to designate different areas and zones. For instance, you can have part of your living room serve as a seating area by positioning a rug in between some chairs, while a rug in the corner of the room could be used as a divider for a reading nook. Rugs and throws are a fantastic, subtle and, above all, stylish way of dividing your living room into lots of little dedicated areas.


Of course, no living room is complete without texture, the secret ingredient of many an interior designer. There’s plenty of different ways that you can introduce texture to a room. From wooden furniture and sheepskin rugs to linen bedding and leather chairs, it’s really up to you.

The perfect balance of textures is out there, ready and waiting for you to discover it. Play around with lots of different ideas until you find one which suits you, after all, practice makes perfect!


If you’re a book worm, why not create your very own living room library. Devote a wall to your favourite thing: books! You can pick up a set of shelves relatively cheaply these days, and then all that’s left is to populate them with your favourite reads. They can also be a great place to place a framed photo or calendar for pops of personality.

It’s not all about generic book cases either, a bit of imagination can result in a home library truly worthy of envy. For anyone who spends lots of time with their nose buried in a book, there are few better or classier ways to adapt your living room.

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