30 rustic living room décor ideas

The rustic look is making a big comeback in interior design! Highlighting natural beauty and traditional comforts, now is a great time to introduce a few Bohemian style décor elements to your living room. Create a homespun, rustic look with our living room decorating ideas:

  1. Exposed wood is one of the most obvious ways to make your living room feel rustic. Where possible, invest in wooden furniture rather than glass or plastic.
  2. However, wood isn’t the only texture you can use to get a rustic living room. Bamboo, stone, marble, cotton and clay are just a few of the other materials that you can rely on.
  3. Wooden flooring – reminiscent of log cabins – is a fantastic means of achieving a beautiful rustic vibe.

Bring the outside to you!


  1. Big, solid pieces of furniture are a great way to get that authentic rustic look.
  2. Scandinavian designers are some of the key innovators when it comes to rustic living room décor ideas. Create a sense of ‘hygge’ in your home by introducing a few candles and fuzzy blankets into your living room.

Candles are the ideal way of creating ‘hygge’ at home


  1. When it comes to Bohemian style décor, a neutral colour palette is the way to go.
  2. However, autumnal colours are also a great choice. Deep browns and reds can really make your living room feel like a rustic getaway.
  3. Try to mimic natural shades. If you’re going to use a bold colour as an accent, go for green or brown as opposed to purple or mauve.
  4. If you’ve got some space on one of your shelves, an enamel mug or two can be a great, Bohemian-style addition to your living room. Get it personalised for some added flavour.

Decorate with a gorgeous enamel mug


  1. You can also add some hygge – loosely translated as ‘cosy’ – by using a couple of well-placed dim lights, rather than one overwhelmingly bright lighting fixture.
  2. Lucky enough to have a fireplace? Use it how it was intended and light a big roaring fire!

A roaring, rustic-style fireplace

  1. See if you can integrate some rusted metal into your living room design. You could even head down to the scrap metal yard and try to find something you could use as an ornament, old machine parts, for instance.
  2. A couple of rugs or blankets can help to create the intimate, rustic atmosphere that you’re after. Experiment with different textures including wool, jute or faux animal skin.

Keep warm in winter

  1. Embrace softer furnishings and accessories. For instance, you can add some snug blankets to your sofa for that log-cabin aesthetic.
  2. The ultimate rustic texture? Sheepskin is never a bad choice!

Sheepskin rugs add a homely touch

  1. Make some retro prints of your favourite photos and string them up on your walls. They’re great for really stamping your personality over your rustic space.
  2. Animals are a big part of the rustic aesthetic, so why not introduce some animals prints to your living room? Decorate a cushion or mug with a personalised animal print.
  3. Avoid loud, complicated patterns if you’re going for Bohemian style décor. Simple plaids or stripes are great.

Plaids = perfection

  1. Woven wicker baskets are a great choice. Plus, they make for a useful extra seating option if your living room gets a little crowded.
  2. Repurpose something. Rustic usually means everything has a well-used, well-loved vibe, so even old and worn items that can’t serve their original purpose can still make for great vocal pieces in your living room design!

One man’s rubbish is another man’s interior design magic

  1. Rustic décor is all about simplicity. Why not substitute your coffee table for an old wooden crate? It does the same job, plus, it really adds to that rustic aesthetic you’re cultivating.
  2. When decorating a rustic living room, simple shapes are best. Want to put up some photos? Why not use a desk canvas rather than a traditional frame? Of course, a small wooden frame can also add lots of rustic charm to your living room.
  3. Decorate with plants and flowers, one of the easiest natural elements to introduce to your living room.

Create a burst of colour with flowers or plants

  1. Communal space is one of the best rustic design features that you can bring into your living room. Get a table and place it right in the middle of the room for a statement piece that everyone can sit around.
  2. Why not make use of found objects? Decorating with branches, logs, and pine cones is a great way of bringing the outdoors to you.

The perfect way to add some rustic flair

  1. Going for the rustic look doesn’t necessarily have to mean no electronics, but it’s probably more aesthetically appealing to keep them hidden away when they’re not in use. Use cabinets to house your electronics and maintain a minimal look.
  2. Set up a nice little station for tea, hot chocolate and coffee. Why not print some of your favourite photos on your mug, so while you enjoy a nice cuppa, you’ll be reminded of what really matters!

Tea, anyone?

  1. Stringing up fairy lights, rather than traditional lamps, are a great way of introducing some low-key rustic charm to your living room.
  2. If you’ve got a view of a natural landscape from your living room window, keep them open and uncovered. There’s no better way of introducing some rustic charm to your living room than by directly connecting to the great outdoors.
  3. Last but not least, make sure you don’t overdo it. For a rustic living room, simplicity is always best.

Ready to create a rustic aesthetic in your living room? Time’s ticking, let’s get to work!

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