30+ modern living room decorating ideas

The modern living room of your dreams is just around the corner, or at least, it will be once you’ve had a read of our top 30 living room decorating ideas:

  1. Fill one bare wall with a piece of personalised wall art. It’s the perfect focal point for a minimalist living room.
  2. Keep your wall colour scheme neutral to achieve a simple but stylish look for your living room, adding modern pops of colour in your furniture and accessories.
  3. Use an antique signature piece as a charming counterpoint to your stripped-back, chic aesthetic. For example, an antique chair can look great surrounded by the understated elegance of a contemporary living room.
  4. Repurpose an old tree stump as a coffee table. It’s a great way of immediately standing out from the crowd.
  5. A tall plant can be a great way of emphasising your living room’s height. Plump for a Norfolk Island Pine, Yucca or Adenium for a bit of added colour.
  6. Introduce glass walls to create a sleek, modern aesthetic. They help to fill the room with lots of natural light, so the more the merrier!
  7. Personalise your art pieces. From photo albums to canvas prints, there’s plenty of ways you can stamp your personality on your living room.
  8. Invest in glass light hangings or try tucked-away lighting like lamps within book cases. These create a softer glow that can really bring a comfy ambience to a bright room.
  9. In a more understated design, a simple photo print can be a great addition to your living room.
  10. Use old, recyclable material to create an industrial-style living room. Throw some cushions on top of some pallet wood for a unique sofa centrepiece, or use an old crate as a coffee table.
  11. If space is at a premium, why not replace traditional picture frames with printed cards?
  12. Opt for low back sofas to create a laid-back vibe for your living room.
  13. Use big, bold graphic designs or oversized pieces of art to create an accent wall.
  14. Utilise unused space by filling it with hidden storage. It’s a great way to declutter your living room.
  15. For some classical elegance and fantastic contrast install a small chandelier. They’re always a stylish choice!
  16. For an innovative take on the classic picture frame, why not go for a photo block? They sit comfortably on a desk or shelf and are perfect for showing off your favourite family photos.
  17. Choose items of furniture which don’t overwhelm the space. For example, go for chairs with steel frames rather than big and bulky armchairs.
  18. A modern living room doesn’t have to be minimalistic. Whether you’re interested in tartan, floral, pastels or stripes, creating a living room that’s as vibrant as it is modern can be great. So long as the room doesn’t look tired and dated then you’re sure to achieve a modern feel whatever your tastes.
  19. Instead of a television, go for a projector!
  20. But, if you really want a television in your living room, why not hide it in a purpose-built cabinet? This way, you can keep your modern living room functional and stylish at the same time.
  21. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours like purple or black – they can be a fantastic way of accentuating your living room’s colour palette.
  22. Make use of hanging pendant lights for that chic look. Plus, they make your living room seem taller.
  23. Add a rustic sensibility to your living room by using salvaged wood. It brings a completely different dimension to the space, making it the perfect accent texture.
  24. From a vase of flowers to floral prints, there’s plenty of ways that you can turn a living room into an extension of the outdoors – how about a green table (and we don’t mean colour!)?
  25. Make your living room really pop with an artistic Bohemian rug. The contrast between sleek, modern surfaces and an intricately patterned rug can be super chic.
  26. Try colour coding your books for an easy but eye-catching update to your shelves.
  27. Open, industrial-style shelving can introduce a stripped-back ambience to your living room. Not to mention, it’s a great place to display family photos.
  28. Blend the traditional with the modern. If you’re lucky enough to have a living room with a fireplace, make the most of all the designs open to you!
  29. By emphasising vertical space, you can make your living room seem much bigger than it is, try long mirrors or floating shelves and lean them rather than hang them.
  30. Choose sheer drapes rather than heavy curtains. They add an understated stylishness to any living room design.

With our modern living room decorating ideas, you can turn your living room into the sort of sleek and understated space you’re looking for.

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