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15 living room decorating ideas  

Some might say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we disagree. It’s got to be the living room! After all, where else would you all snuggle up to binge another Netflix series? Whether it’s a small living space or an open-plan area, here are 15 of our favourite decor ideas to help transform your lounge.

1. Add a little greenery

Invite nature into your home with the addition of some houseplants. Not only will they add a natural element to your living room, they’ll also boost the oxygen levels and keep the room feeling fresh. Our favourite plants for the living room are a classic Monstera (cheese) Plant and a Sword Fern – their dark, leafy greens look great against a white wall!

2. A lick of paint

An easy way to instantly update a room is with a quick lick of paint. White walls are guaranteed to give the room a clean, spacious vibe, and a neutral palette is a great way to let any art prints or plants take centre stage.

3. Spread a rug

Especially good if you’re lucky enough to have a wooden floor, rugs are a really simple way of defining your living room space – they help to tie everything together. So, whether you mix and match lots of small coloured rugs or splash out on a large berber style rug, it’s an easy way to make a room feel cosy.

4. Create a gallery wall

One of our favourite ways to switch up your living room style is by creating a gallery wall. Start collecting prints that make you smile and mix them in with some classic family photos for a gallery wall that’s as unique as you are. Whether you opt for some gorgeous art prints or you blow up some of your favourite faces and get them framed (or buy them framed), a gallery wall makes a great focal point for any room.

5. A reading nook

Whether you’ve got a cosy alcove either side of the fireplace, or a dark corner that looks particularly inviting, a reading nook is sure to make your living room feel a little more sophisticated. All you’ll need is a bookshelf (this can be fitted into the alcove or freestanding), your comfiest armchair, a small side table for that essential cup of tea (or gin and tonic!), a good lamp, and books, lots and lots of books.

6. Colour coordinate

Colour coordinating specific objects or areas of your living room will create an eye-catching display and also help to make sometimes messy areas look a lot more put together. Our favourite object to colour coordinate? Books! Some might think it’s blasphemy to not have them arranged by author or title, but we think that sorting the spines by colour creates a unique art display and helps keep shelves uncluttered.

7. Let there be light

The right lighting can completely change the feel of a room. Bright, white lighting from above can make a room feel sterile and clinical, but softer, warm yellow lights make a room feel cosy and inviting – exactly what you want from a living room! Whether you opt for a soft pendant light or strategically place floor lamps in the corners, it’s a simple update that will make your home feel more like home.

8. Switch up your sofa

Surely the most important piece of furniture in the entire room! Your eyes are naturally drawn to the sofa first, so it’s important to make sure that you love it. For a stand-out style, choose a velvet sofa – we particularly love dark green velvet ones.

9. Or make more of your sofa

Don’t want to switch up your sofa? Cushions work just as well for an interior refresh. Mix and match your colours and sizes, and even add in a throw for an extra cosy (and useful) feel. You can even add an extra personal touch to your sofa with some cushions printed with your favourite faces. Or, if you don’t fancy squashing your family members, print custom cushions with nature shots or landscapes you’ve snapped.

10. Dress your window

There’s definitely an art to window dressing – it’s more than just roller blinds! Choose soft linens to brighten up your room and add a Scandinavian vibe, or opt for dark, heavy velvets for a more chic look.

11. Turn back time with your furniture

Mixing in vintage furniture with more modernist pieces will create a truly unique space. We love mid-century furniture in the living room – the clean, straight lines help to give a contemporary feel.

12. Flowers

With so many colours to choose from, there’s no way you can’t choose a floral arrangement to match your living room vibe. Flowers are a lovely way to add a soft, natural touch to a room without having to rearrange any furniture. Plus, they smell gorgeous too! Treat yourself to a new bunch every other week or so for a constantly changing display.

13. Style your shelves

Keep the room feeling clear and uncluttered by styling your shelves. Add vases, dangling plants, sculptures and framed photos to give them a personal, artistic touch.

14. Add a mirror

Handy, and it’ll make your living room look even bigger – perfect if you’re a little short on space. Whether you pop one above the fireplace, stand it in a dark corner or hang it amongst framed prints on your gallery wall, it’s a great way to add a little light and depth to your room.

15. Hide the wires

Super simple and super effective, hiding any wires or cables from your electronics will make your living room feel more organised and a little more styled.