15 living room decor ideas

1. Add a little greenery

If you struggle to keep plants alive (don’t worry, you’re not the only one), why not create some blossoming wall art instead? Head out for a walk in nature and snap some planty pics to turn into a piece of wall art for a fun, personal touch.

2. A lick of paint

An easy way to instantly update your living space is with a quick touch of fresh colour. Neutral walls are guaranteed to give the room a clean, spacious vibe, and a cohesive palette is a great way to let any canvas prints, plants and furniture take centre stage.

3. From rugs to riches

Rugs are a really simple way of defining your living room space, helping to tie everything together. Whether you fancy mixing and matching lots of small coloured rugs, or splashing out on a large berber-style rug, these pieces are an easy way to make a room feel *extra* cosy.

4. Tate Modern, who?

One of our favourite ways to switch up a living room is by creating a gallery wall. Start collecting prints that make you smile and mix them in with some classic family photos for a space that’s as unique as you are. We recommend getting them framed to really make it the focal point of the room.

5. Too busy reading

Having a reading nook or a cosy space to wind down in is the *best* thing ever, however there might not be enough space to decorate it with your favourite moments. Introducing our photo booth strips – not only can you relive the good times, but you can also use them as bookmarks (bye bye, dog-eared pages). Genius, right?

6. Colour coordinate

Matching specific objects or areas of your living room can create an eye-catching display and help to make sometimes messy areas look a lot more put together. Our favourite object to colour coordinate? Photo books, of course. Arrange them in colour order amidst your bookshelf of novels. Next time you create one, remember to switch up the colour to add to your collection.

7. Let there be light

The right lighting can completely change the feel of a room. Bright, white lighting from above can make a room feel sterile and clinical, but softer, warm yellow lights make a room feel cosy and inviting – exactly what you want from a living room. Whether you opt for a soft pendant light or strategically place floor lamps in the corners, it’s a simple update that will make your home feel more like home.

8. Sofa, so good

Your sofa (or couch, whichever you prefer to say) is the place where you spend most of your down time, so it’s important that it’s comfortable. Our photo cushions are the perfect way to add some extra warmth and personality, displaying your favourite moments in a relaxed way.

9. Coffee table staples

We all like to put fancy books on our coffee tables, but in reality we never even read a page of them, they just look good sitting there. Why not make them really worth flicking through by taking your favourite photos from holidays and special occasions and print them in a photo book. Now you’ve got some conversation starter books that you and your guests will *love*.

10. Don’t forget your windows

There’s definitely an art to window dressing – it’s more than just roller blinds. Choose soft linens to brighten up your room and add a Scandinavian vibe, or opt for dark heavy velvets for a more chic look.

11. Reduce, reuse, and upcycle

Mixing in vintage furniture with more modernist pieces will create a truly unique space. Or if you’re really feeling your inner DIY self, take a simple piece of wooden furniture and give it a more timeless feel with a varnish coat.

12. Blooming lovely

Flowers are a lovely way to add a soft, natural touch to a room without having to rearrange any furniture. Plus, they smell gorgeous too. Treat yourself to a new bunch every other week or so for a constantly changing display.

13. Style all by your shelf

Give your collection of novels and small plants a personal touch with wooden photo blocks. These blocks are free standing, so you can pop them anywhere and show off your favourite moments.

14. Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror is a common go-to way of making your living room look even bigger by adding a little light and depth – perfect if you’re short on space. Pop one above the fireplace, stand it in a corner, or hang it amongst your collection of framed prints.

15. Time to get organised

From family get-togethers to the kids’ parents evening, trying to remember *everything* that’s going on can be tough, so why not create a family calendar complete with everyone’s plans and their favourite photos too.

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