Christmas gift ideas for a young family

By Photobox on 7 November 2023

This is our ultimate gift guide to help you create that perfect Christmas gift for new parents who are starting their brand new family.

What to get the family that seems to have everything? Get them something unique and beautiful from the heart and you’ll never go wrong. That’s why our personalised photo gifts are the perfect Christmas gift for newborn parents. With so many milestones to celebrate you’ll find it easy to select some of their best moments. And to help you on your way, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you create them the best photo Christmas present ever.

The first few Christmases as a new family can be a bit overwhelming as every present seems to be a toy. Why not gift the expecting parents a Christmas present that will last much longer than a few months – and they don’t need to buy batteries for?

A personalised photo gift is the perfect baby Christmas gift. It means that they’ll be able to savour their special moments in again and again – and, because you create them yourself, they’ll feel your personal touch every time they look at it. Whether you decide to create a hard backed photo book, a calendar to enjoy all year round, a beautiful piece of wall art or a fun photo mug, the fact you made it will mean the world to your favourite newborn parents.

An overview of all our Christmas gifts

Whether you’re creating Christmas gifts for the expecting mother or for the newborn, let us give you a complete overview of our top gifts.

If you want to highlight a particularly brilliant moment that you have a great photo of: go for wall art. From clean aluminium to warm canvas and from small to wall filling large. A wall art is ideal for a baby’s first Christmas gift!

Photo books are a great way to tell and share stories. From pregnancy stories to shared holidays and from birtth to baby’s first steps. Create anuything from an instant little photo book that’s super easy to make, to an XL premium layflat photo book to celebrate and share the extra special moments in great size and quality.

Looking for a little fun gift? We’ve got photo mugs, cushions, magnets and puzzles that make any nice photo into a great gift. It’s the perfect way to leave big impression with just a small gift.

Our do’s and don’ts

  • DO Mix up your photos from posed to unposed
  • DO Ask family members and friends to send you snaps that the parents might not have seen before
  • DO Take some unposed pics when visiting your young couple, you never know which golden moments you might capture
  • DO Organise your photos into themes before uploading so they’re easier to sort and arrange when creating your photo project
  • DO Keep it a secret so it’s a great surprise DON’T just focus on pictures of the young ones – parent portraits are also great to have!
  • DON’T forget to use photos of their favourite places – not all the pics have to be of people
  • DON’T forget that you can add text, frames, and layouts with the photobox online editor
  • Give yourself plenty of time

Our advice is to take your time and create your gifts well in advance. It’s more fun when you don’t have to rush it. So enjoy the creative process! Maybe you want to involve some other family members and include their photos, too.

Also, starting early you’ll be sure you receive your gifts well in time for Christmas. It’s the busiest time of the year – for us but also for our delivery parners. Starting on time, you can be sure to have a great present when the day arrives.

Time to create

Whatever personalised photo gift you’re thinking of creating for your Christmas presents this year, simply head over to the photobox home page to browse through all our fantastic photo products and offers – and get creating on your family Christmas gifts today.