Stocking fillers that are actually worth keeping

By Photobox on 15 December 2021

Personalised photo mugs

Photo Mugs

Photo Mugs Have an already growing collection of mugs but still seem to want more? We get it. Our range of mugs is super personalised to you, making them a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa present.

We’ve taken the original personalised mug and coloured the inside, so every hot, cold or boozy sip of your beverage is as good as the last.

Personalise the outside of the mug with your favourite snaps, maybe a holiday selfie or a photo of your pets looking cute (as per). Our mugs can hold up to 18 photos, meaning you don’t have to worry about picking which photos will make the cut.
The coloured insides come in a range of bright and vibrant colours; blue, red, pink, green and metallic silver. So whatever the occasion, there’s a colour for you.

Photo blocks for something extra special

Wooden Photo Blocks

It’s time to decorate for the festive season, but you’ve got no space left on your walls. Where are those office party snaps going to go? Turn those never-forget stories into photo blocks instead for some free-standing fun. No need to frame or hang, just pop them on a flat surface.

Not allowed to leave holes in your walls? No problem. Our photo blocks are made for those who don’t want to commit to a hammer and nails, making them perfect for renters or those who love to redecorate every two weeks.

With two styles to choose from, wooden or acrylic, you’ll be able to deck the halls whilst sticking to your interior aesthetic.

Jigsaw puzzles for Christmas Eve

Personalised Jigsaw

Maybe you like doing jigsaws just for fun, or you’re sort of, maybe, probably addicted – either way, our Personalised Photo Jigsaws are the perfect gift this Christmas, whatever your budget. With a range of different sizes, from 49 up to 2,000 pieces, this gift will keep someone quiet for a while. Pass the Baileys.

Each jigsaw allows for one photo, so choose wisely. You never know, it might be framed for everyone to see once it’s completed.

Made with extra-strong recycled card, our jigsaws come in a personalised box to keep all the pieces safe. No more losing that one corner piece underneath the sofa…

Personalised magnets for special memories

Photo Fridge Magnets

Turn your fridge into a mini scrapbook of memories with our Photo Fridge Magnets. Who said only the inside of the fridge can be exciting?

Our magnets are fully customisable, allowing you to add your best photos and proudly showcase them on your metal surfaces. With a stylish white border (very Instagram) and a flexible material, these magnets are great for families with little ones and pets (wipe those unidentified spills away).

Want to be more creative with your table settings for the big day? Personalise each magnet with a member of your family and pop them where they’re sitting (saves the annual Christmas drama of who’s sitting next to who). They’re the perfect option for a lower budget too.

Magic colour-changing mugs

Stick the kettle on, you just won Secret Santa. Introducing our Magic Heat Changing Mug. Wait, magic? Heat changing? This is sounding like something from a certain book about wizards.

Personalise your mug the same way you would with any other Photobox gift, with your favourite photos and stories, of course. The difference? Your snaps will be hidden underneath a black heat-sensitive coating which can only be triggered by, you guessed it, heat.

Pour the boiling water into the mug and watch your photos come to life, just like magic. Potter could ~never~.

One-of-a-kind Christmas stockings

Of course, what’s a stocking filler without a stocking? Level up your gift-giving and grab a Personalised Christmas Sack. Make it your own with a photo design or feel fancy with a monogram.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our Christmas Photo Gifts range or Christmas gift guide for ideas at any budget and get into the festive gift-giving spirit.