Christmas gifts for parents

By Photobox on 14 November 2023

It can be hard knowing what to get your parents for Christmas, but one thing that’s always a hit is a present with a personal touch. Let’s be honest, they probably have thousands of photos of you on their phone, so you might as well turn those memories into something a little more tangible.

Bring your adventures to life with a photo book

Our bestselling A4 & A3 Personalised Photo Books are the perfect way to store your family photos, whether that’s recent pictures from a family holiday, old photos from when you were a child, or any of the memory-packed years between. Consider it a personally curated photo album for the people you love most.

Create a magnet gallery wall

Choose your favourite photos with your parents from over the years and turn them into a Photo Fridge Magnet. The more you make, the more you save, so buy a few and turn the fridge door into an adjustable gallery wall. At least know that you’ll be on their mind every time they open the fridge.

Home is where the personalised keyring is

You might’ve left home, but show your parents they’re always welcome with their own set of keys to your place, complete with Photo Keyring to go with their new keys. They come in sets of three, so you can give one to any parent-shaped figure in your life. And if you end up with one spare? Maybe you could just attach it your set of keys for *their* house. There’s no place like home, after all.

A photo that’s a little different

Give your best photo pride of place in your parents’ home, but with a twist. Go for our freestanding Wooden Photo Block to display your favourite photo of you together. If their decor style is more modern and sleek than cosy and traditional, try an Acrylic Photo Block instead.

Share the love with a personalised mug

Whether your parents’ festive drink of choice is a Christmas morning cuppa or a boozy Baileys hot chocolate, this Heart Handle Love Mug is the perfect choice. You can fit up to 18 photos and can even add a heartfelt message to *really* show how much you love them. And with a heart-shaped handle, they’ll definitely get the memo.

Turn your favourite moments into a coaster

For a subtle piece of decor, turn your best moments from birthdays, Christmases and weddings into a set of Personalised Coasters. Your parents will be reminded of the big moments while they’re enjoying the small ones; at home with the perfect brew.

The gift that can’t go wrong: framed prints

What adventures have you gone on this year? Family holidays, graduations, new jobs? Choose a few of your favourite memories from the year and create Framed Photo Prints to turn them into something physical. You probably know your parents’ interior style better than your own, so choose from a natural, black or silver frame to really match their decor.

Make every month a memory

Sentimental Christmas gifts can be functional too. If you parents work in an office, a Personalised Desk Calendar could be a great present this Christmas. Look back on your favourite moments and choose a handful for the calendar. This way, even at work, your parents will be reminded of how much you care.

Photo gifts for family members are the ideal way to bring new life to your favourite memories. Whether you’re looking for presents for your mum, dad, grandma or any other loved one, you’re just on the hunt for extra-special stocking fillers, there are tons of sentimental Christmas gifts you can choose from.

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