Christmas gifts for grandparents

By Photobox on 14 November 2023

If you ask any grandparent what they want for Christmas, they’ll probably give the same answer: just you. Aside from having more special days out and cake-filled afternoons together, personalised photo gifts are the next best thing. Here’s our guide to gifts your grandparents will cherish forever.

Turn your memories into photo books

Pick your favourite snaps from family holidays, birthdays and fun days out and display them proudly in an A4 Personalised Photo Book that your grandparents can cherish forever. They’ll get to relive the joyful moments every time they pick up the book.

Make a photo magnet strip for the fridge

For a smaller gift that still packs a punch, choose four photos for a Magnetic Photo Booth Strip. Bonus points for the fact this magnet looks like a retro film strip. It’ll bring them back to the good ol’ days.

Stay close at hand with a personalised keyring

Grandparents always losing their keys? Create a Photo Keyring and keep your favourite memories close at hand. Best of all, they come in sets of three, which means you can give one to multiple family members. If you end up with one spare, they make great stocking fillers too.

A photo that doesn’t need a frame

For something a little different, choose our freestanding Wooden Photo Block to display a photo of you all together. It doesn’t even need a frame, so it can be set anywhere in the house.

Transform your memories into a coaster

There’s nothing grandparents love more than talking about their grandchildren to anyone who’ll listen, so why not create a set of Personalised Coasters? Whenever their friends come over for a cuppa and some cake, they can whip out the coasters and use it as an excuse to talk about their favourite subject: you.

Perfectly personalised cuppas

Sentimental Christmas gifts can be functional too. Our Personalised Photo Mug is the perfect gift for any grandparent who loves a cuppa (so… pretty much *every* grandparent). Find a group snap of all the grandchildren and know that you’ll be on their mind every time they turn the kettle on.

The ultimate classic: framed prints

There’s no such thing as too many photos on display at your grandparents’ house. Choose your favourite family memory for a Framed Photo Print and add another to the collection. Available in multiple sizes and three different frame types, you can make sure to match their decor.

Make new memories each year with a calendar

You’ve made tons of memories together already, so browse your photos and pick the very best ones for an A4 & A3 Personalised Wall Calendar. With each flip of the page, your grandparents can be reminded of all the fun memories you’ve already had, and while you’re at it, why not set some dates in the calendar for next year too?

Gifts from grandchildren are always going to be special for grandparents no matter what they are, but personalised photo gifts? Priceless. Check out our guide to gifts specifically for Grandma, and our ultimate gift guide for everyone else in your life. If you just want to browse, there are plenty more personalised Christmas gifting ideas to choose from.