Five ways to personalise a calendar for someone special

By Photobox on 2 November 2022

Gift them to your friends, family and everyone in between to get them organised for the exciting year ahead. We will be giving you some inspiration to start personalising for your loved ones.

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One month, one family member

The bigger the family, the harder it is to be the centre of attention, but what if everyone got their own dedicated month in a personalised calendar? That would *definitely* settle the favouritism arguments every Sunday whilst having the roast. For each month, pick a photo of a family member – January is for grandad, February is for mum and so on. Can’t pick just one photo? No worries, our calendar layouts allow for multiple photos.

Their year in photos

Not only are calendars good for looking ahead at the new year, but they’re also perfect for looking back at the *amazing* year that’s just been. Use this opportunity to create a personalised calendar for your family or friends to remind them of the special year they’ve had. From weddings to graduations, birthday parties to the odd night out, add all their good times to get them excited for the memories to come.

Desk Calendar

Dig out their childhood photos

Old childhood photos can be separated into two categories: cute or just downright cringey. Either way, try and dig through the archives and find some corkers to add to a personalised calendar. If you have time before ordering, try and recreate some of those throwbacks and add them side-by-side for the ultimate family calendar (picture this – you and your adult siblings all wearing dungarees playing in the snow).

Personalised Calendars: Crafting Year-round Joy

Another piece of gifting inspiration for you is to take their absolute favourite things and pop them into their personalised calendar. This is also a great way to show your loved ones that you know them like the back of your hand and care about their passions and hobbies. Use each month to dedicate to something they love – March for the a-mazing holiday they went on last year, July for their pet cat, October for their favourite spooky holiday.

Slim Photo Calendar

Making their day (and year) with a message

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with our personalised calendars, you can add even more. We’re talking names, dates, in-jokes, or lines from their favourite movies. Head to our editing studio and pair their best loved photos with a caption to make their calendar the highlight of their new year.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our personalised calendar range and celebrate your new year with us.