3 (epic) Christmas Gifts You Can Send From Your Sofa

By Photobox on 17 November 2021

Banner showing Christmas photo gift ideas

Here are our top 3 personalised festive gifts you can send to loved ones this Christmas from the comfort of your sofa.

Photo Books – for the times when posting to Instagram isn’t enough

Our photo books are the perfect gift for family and friends, especially at Christmas. It’s a time for celebrating the end of one year and the next one coming, after all. Not only does it feel great to gift a photo book, but the creating process is a great experience too.

Want something affordable but still super high quality? Try our Little Moments Photo Book.

Got some holiday snaps that need a home? This is the perfect place to showcase those good times (even if it did rain when you got there). This book comes in two formats – square and landscape – with loads of personal touches to choose from. Changing the background to suit their favourite colour? Eaasy.

Ready to go all out? May we introduce our Lay Flat Silver Halide Photo Book.

Did someone in your family finally celebrate a wedding this year? This is our most premium quality photo book specially created for those premium quality memories. (see what we did there?) With each turn of a page, it tells a story you’ll be able to keep for years to come. Why not create a new one every wedding anniversary to keep the tradition going?

Calendars – Get excited for the year ahead and be super organised (a win win)

Our A3 Double Page Calendar has space for all your favourite photos (yep, more than 12).

Will the photo of you jumping into a pool make it in July or October?? You decide. With a separate page for photos and the months ahead, why not keep your calendar as a bonus photo book once the year is over? Don’t go throwing away those stories.

Be the most organised in the office and spruce up your desk space with our Personalised Desk Calendar.

We recommend adding pictures that get you grinning (your family, your pet, you and that celebrity that definitely, totally, remembers you). Never have a bad day at work again (we hope), our desk calendar is a great addition to your work space.

Canvas Prints – perfect for showcasing your most special stories

A 1st birthday. A graduation. Our Simple Canvas Prints allow for moments like these to be celebrated and displayed for everyone to see.

With a variety of sizes to choose from, why not make a canvas print wall collage? (Something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon). And with our mobile app, it’s never been easier (no need to leave your sofa).

Only allowed so much on your desk at work? No space is too small for our Desk Canvas Prints.

Your desk might be cluttered with coffee mugs, random papers and computer wires, but our desk canvas prints deserve a special place in your work area. (Just avoid spilling coffee, yeah?)

Before you add these photo books to your basket, how do you create them?

Our Photobox Editor is your creative hub when it comes to making your special gifts. (Think of it as your photography fairy godmother)The editor allows you to upload all your favourite snaps and create one-of-a-kind presents (Your Christmas gift list is sorted).

Check out our blog: How To: Photo Books, for more tips on how to make the most out of each page.

No matter what gift you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Photobox. Check out our Christmas Photo Gifts range now and get into the festive gift-giving spirit.