10 activities to help keep kids entertained

By Photobox on 25 March 2020

It’s not always easy to keep the kids entertained – there’s only so many episodes of Peppa Pig you can sit through before going ever so slightly insane – but we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite activities to help keep tiny hands busy.

1. Create a collage

You’ll need to do lots of cutting out for this one, but it’s a fun craft that will keep them engaged for hours! Whether you use their favourite characters, family photos or snippets from the local newspaper, they’ll be able to create a whole new world using a glue stick and some imagination. The Queen and Peppa having tea on the beach? Anything’s possible!

2. Build a den

The only thing better than building a den is hiding in said den for hours on end. Whether you get creative with some spare bedding or you’ve got a pop-up tent lying about, it’s a perfect way to keep the kids entertained (and quiet) for a day of two. You might end up with a few wrinkled sheets, but you’ll get hours of giggles!

3. Origami everything!

This might be one that’s more suited to older kids, but it’s sure to test their brain (and yours too!). Help them to recreate their favourite animals in paper form, or for a springtime table decoration, your favourite flowers!

4. Baking

Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, flapjacks…there’s no limit to what you can whip up in the kitchen and the kids are sure to love taking on the role of Sous Chef! Our favourite social-distancing snack? Gorgeously sticky, Golden Syrup Flapjack (that don’t contain any of those almost-impossible to find eggs!).

5. Create a mini story book

The perfect activity to keep them entertained whilst making and entertained once it’s arrived, our 24 page Little Moments Book is a great way to get their imagination working overtime! Whether you share their own life story or capture the nap time adventures of their favourite teddy, it’s sure to be a hit and they’ll love looking at photos of their own face.

6. Create a family tree

You’ve been saying you’d do it for years, but now’s the perfect time – you’ve got a tiny helper! Dig back through your family archives, find your favourite (cringiest) photos, and teach your little one who’s who at the same time. And, once you’ve got all the branches of your tree connected, why not print it with our Retro Prints to create a cute wall display?

7. Create an at-home cinema

Going to an actual cinema might be off-limits for a while but creating an at-home cinema is just as good, if not better (you can take unlimited toilet breaks and not miss a thing!). Line up your dining room chairs in front of the big screen to create your own stalls, invite some of the kids’ favourite teddies to the screening, whip up some tasty treats like popcorn mixed with Smarties, and hook up the speakers for a true cinematic experience. It’s sure to be an afternoon well spent – the only thing we can’t guarantee is the quality of the film choice…Frozen for the 167th time anyone?

8. House of cards

Whether you actually build a house of cards or teach the kids how to Go Fish, card games are a great way to keep the whole family entertained…just don’t try 52 card pick up!

9. Create flower crowns

Making your own fairy flower crowns is super easy and is a great way to get kids to enjoy a little less screen time. You’ll need fake or real flowers, some floral tape and some florists wire. Then simply cut a length of wire long enough to wrap around their head, then wrap it around their head and secure it with the tape. Lay the wire crown on the table and tape the stems of the flowers to the wire, cutting the stems so that they’re short enough. Finally, crown your flower fairy Princess or Prince!

10. Get green-fingered

They might get a little mucky, but this on-going project will keep them entertained for weeks! Plant a few seeds in indoor pots – herbs, flowers or even tomatoes – and watch them grow. The kids will love revisiting their mini garden every day to see the progress, and they’ll love it even more once shoots start popping up! Why not plant sunflower seeds and then have a competition to see whose grows the tallest?