Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Spell It Out

Spell It Out

Typically, a gift like Spell It Out is an opportunity to convey heartfelt sentiments to a loved one at Christmas. It’s about taking a moment to remind them what they mean to us; to tell them we love them, appreciate them, and are grateful to have them in our lives. It allows you to say something meaningful and capture it in a photo gift, so they can appreciate it over and over again.

But let’s face it, this is a gift for your sister. The one who cut off one of your pigtails as a kid and tricked you into eating mud by telling you it was chocolate. So if you can’t use it to throw a little shade and poke fun at her, who can ya?

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Reasons I Love You

Reasons I Love You

Christmas comes but once a year and it’s the season of goodwill and all that, blah blah blah. So even though she repeatedly cancels on the day, drives you mad with her clueless plans to become a ‘wellness influencer’ and never stops reminding you that she’s their favorite child, take a deep breath, channel all your inner Zen and think about all the things you love about your sister – or at least nine.

Whether it’s the way she doesn’t care what others think, that she’s always so optimistic – even when everything is going wrong or the weird way she licks the chocolate off her Jaffa cakes, this will create a thoughtful, feel-good Christmas gift for your sister. It’ll prove that, even though you might not say it often, you do love, value, and appreciate her – and all her crazy, hair-brained quirks.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - The Motley Bunch

The Motley Bunch

Ahhh sisters. You smile because they’re your family and laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it! In fact, you probably feel that way about your entire crazy clan.

The Motley Bunch is a perfect surprise Christmas gift for a sister who complains she’s embarrassed by her family. It involves creating a modern family portrait that celebrates your family for who they really are; in all their weird, chaotic, annoying, and absurd glory.
It’s a unique and original gift idea that – because each photo can be shot separately – you can include sis in without her knowing what it’s for. It’s sure to bring a smile to her face and remind her why she loves to hate you all. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing it’s one gift she can’t exchange.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Head to Head

Head to Head

You may not get to share that many moments of intimacy with your sister nowadays, which is why capturing one in a photograph is a wonderful way to remind her of that special bond between you.

Head to Head is an easy and creative way to photograph yourself and your sister, resulting in a unique family photo that’s relaxed, informal and above all else, authentic. Simply by shooting from an unexpected angle it keeps the portrait natural, while elevating it above the everyday. It’s a subtle way to remind her that, despite all the ups and down, you’ll always be there for one another. And while you won’t be able to surprise her with the photo itself, there are many different ways to turn it into a touching Christmas gift for your sister.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Head Swap

Head Swap

Chances are, your sister probably doesn’t have that many cool photos of you and your siblings. Sure, there’s probably plenty of embarrassing ones of you all as kids with terrible hairstyles but as she’s unlikely to share mum’s taste in traditional family portraits, I’m guessing none that she particularly relishes putting on display in her own place.

Head Swap is a fun way to create a more lighthearted, modern, and informal family portrait – one that uses lively, animated expressions to convey everyone’s personalities. Plus as you can include her without her knowing, it makes the perfect surprise Christmas gift your sister.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - A Gift Every Hour

A Gift Every Hour

Christmas is a good excuse to get a little slushy and sentimental, which, lets face it, you probably don’t do all that often with your sister. So instead of racking your brains for that one perfect gift, treat her to an entire day where you celebrate your relationship over the years.

A Gift Every Hour is a cute way to give her 12 smaller gifts – one to open every hour – that are truly personal. Use a mix of sentimental, homemade and gag gifts that highlight all the good times you’ve shared together. Whether it’s a nostalgic photobook that charts your lives from kids to the present day, her favourite childhood treat, or a coupon for babysitting duty, it’s an opportunity to give meaningful presents that will bring a smile to her face all through the day.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

Family are a bit like candy canes, sweet but also slightly twisted. Sure, you might put on a good show of being a nice normal family when you have guests round but you all know each other’s true characters; the weird habits and obsessions, the peculiarities and imperfections – so why not have a laugh at them?

The Usual Suspects is a great excuse to celebrate the crazy with an honest family portrait, where everyone embraces their quirks and admits the crime they’re most guilty of. Whether mum is ‘The Control Freak’ who admits being a ‘Backseat Driver’, dad is ‘The Quiet One’ who’s ‘Secretly Judging You’, or your sister is ‘The Optimist’ guilty of ‘Posting Inspirational Quotes on Facebook’, it’s a great way to remind each other of all the things you do that make everyone smile. Because frankly, if you can’t laugh at your family, the only thing left to do is cry.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Heart and Sole

Heart and Sole

Sisters always have their ups and downs in life. They might take each other for granted, say hurtful things and make unreasonable demands, but there’s also a familiarity and closeness that’s irreplaceable. They know you better than anyone, so while at times you might fight, you’ll always make up. And when push comes to shove, you know she’ll have your back.

Heart and Sole is a creative way to affirm your relationship in a subtle and playful manner – without being overly sentimental – and capture it in a photo that can be looked at over and over again. It makes a perfect gift for sisters to remind them that, although you might not always show it, you do love her and treasure the bond between you. Even if she is one of the reasons you see a therapist!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Little Boxes

Little Boxes

Desmond Tutu once said ‘you don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you.’ Yeah, cheers, thanks a lot. And what’s your returns policy? Seriously though, even though they drive you mad most of the time, you’re pretty much stuck with that loveable pack of jokers. But that doesn’t mean you can’t regift that bunch of crazies right back to them!

Little Boxes is a fun way to capture the true spirit of your family – in all their hilarious, annoying and chaotic glory – that isn’t your typical cheesy family portrait where everyone’s pretending to the be the perfect family. And the great thing is, you can reproduce the same group photo on a different gift for each of them: canvas for mum, framed print for dad, tablet case for sis…

Christmas shopping for the entire family done! Umm…you’re welcome.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Sister - Profile Portraits

Profile Portraits

No matter how different you and your sister might be, that sibling bond that ties you together is what gets you through all the ups and downs. So, while she might give you just as much grief as pleasure, it’s always good to remind each other of the similarities you share.

Profile Portraits is subtle way to highlight those similarities in an intimate photo simply by experimenting with different angles and positions; no gimmicks or props, just some subtle art direction that results in a beautiful portrait that’s both classic and contemporary. Regardless of how close you are with your sister, this artistic portrait is a touching way to celebrate your sibling bond.

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