Christmas Photo Gifts For Girlfriend

How-to guides help you create a gift that shows your girlfriend exactly what she means to you – and earns you massive brownie points! Make this Christmas extra personal with our Christmas Photo Gifts For Girlfriend.

Photobox’s resident gift guru, Matt James of Party-Ideas-by-a-Pro, is an award-winning party planner who’s produced birthdays, weddings, and events for A-list celebrities such as Stella McCartney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sir Elton John. He shares his inspirational ideas for using Photobox products to create thoughtful and meaningful Christmas gifts.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend - Spell It Out

Spell It Out

Most women will tell you that the Christmas gifts they find the most meaningful – the ones that are treasured for years to come – are often the thoughtful, inexpensive or even homemade ones with sentimental value.

Ultimately, it’s the gifts that express how you feel or celebrate your relationship that really mean something. In fact, I’d hazard a guess your girlfriend probably has a box somewhere filled with ticket stubs and other sentimental mementos that memorialise memorable moments of your relationship. It’s not weird, it’s what girlfriends do.

Spell It Out is a thoughtful and easy-to-make Christmas gift for your girlfriend that allows you to speak from the heart and capture it in a photo, ensuring she’ll be able to appreciate the sentiments time and time again.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend - Reasons I Love You

Reasons I Love You

They say it’s not the gift that counts, but the thought. And believe me, your girlfriend will be looking to see that some thought has gone into her Christmas present! So step away from the Argos catalogue.

Reasons I Love You is a romantic and meaningful gift to show her that she’s loved and appreciated, which is sure to impress and will most definitely pass the thoughtfulness test!

It doesn’t matter whether you highlight reasons that are profound, such as ‘You are fearless’, convey gratitude; ‘You send me a takeaway when I’m working late at the office’, or are just downright funny; ‘You tell Starbucks baristas that your name is Beyoncé’. This will make a uniquely personal Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend - Little Boxes

Little Boxes

You need to know, her friends have all been judging you since you started dating. They all have an opinion and she’s told them everything about you. EVERYTHING 😉

So, if you want to win over her friends – and you do – you’re going to have to do a little more than just show up (on time), make a few jokes, ask them sincere questions about themselves and generally treat her like a queen at every waking hour. You need to nail that first Christmas gift – and it better be thoughtful.

Little Boxes is the perfect way to do that, by sneakily going behind her back to involve all her mates in her Christmas present. You can photograph each person separately (even including your girlfriend without telling her what it’s for) then arrange into a collage and surprise her with a creative portrait of all her besties. Not only will she be impressed, her friends will too – and that matters!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend - The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

You know how you think her friends are a bit weird? There’s ‘The Fitness Freak’ who’s always muttering about empty calories, ‘The Spiritual One’ that bangs on about ‘the universe’ and ‘vision boards’, and ‘The Hot Mess’ who never stops taking selfies. Well, newsflash, she thinks your crew – with ‘The Playboy’ addicted to fake tan, ‘The Control Freak’ backseat driver and ‘The Artisanal Coffee Bore’ who never stops mansplaining – are a pretty freaky bunch too! But Christmas is a time to be thankful. So how about you just embrace the crazy and celebrate both your friends – with all their peculiarities and imperfections.

The Usual Suspects is a great way to poke fun at your mates with a collage that highlights everyone’s amusing and annoying characteristics and gets them to own the crime their most guilty of. Include her friends and yours so you can have a good laugh at both!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriend - Heart and Sole

Heart and Sole

Here’s a secret you may not know… when you have an argument with your girlfriend, that stuff gets reposted in her friends’ group chat and they all take turns telling her how to respond. Her friends are like therapists she can drink wine with. So getting them on your side is always a good idea.

Heart and Sole is a creative way to round up her entire squad and affirm their relationship in a playful way, that’s not overly-sentimental. It’s a simple idea that will make a touching surprise Christmas gift for your girlfriend that she’ll definitely treasure. For extra brownie points, you could also give each of her gang a copy on one of Photobox’s smaller gifts, like a Snow Globe, T-shirt, or Keyring.

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