You hear the music of The Beatles wherever you go in the world. But it was actually a brass version of Come Together floating out of a café in rural Ireland which strangely provided the spark for this extraordinary project.

The follow up – over a pint of Guinness – was the question, ‘Did The Beatles ever play in Ireland?’ (Yes. Only once, in Dublin in 1963.) Once that had been established we started searching the internet for pictures. We couldn’t find any. But maybe someone who went to the gig might have some. And so The People’s Beatles was born...

Out went the call for Beatles fans and their families to raid attics and personal archives, yellowed albums and shoe-boxes under the bed and come back to us with their stories of the Fab Four.

As the pictures started to flood in, we weren’t disappointed. There was something in these snatched shots that the standard publicity stills didn’t capture. We saw John, Paul, George and Ringo maybe a little more as they were, a little more human. Less icons, more musicians. It was incredibly exciting.

This year it’ll be 50 years since the band split up. And yet their legacy is undiminished. We hope that this book opens an extra door on these four people whose images are more than familiar – they’re like members of an extended family, part of Britain. And, by reading the stories people have to tell about them we rediscover them as the friendly, welcoming, open and generous lads they were.

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And a special thank you to Richard Porter, two time winner of the prestigious ‘Beatle Brain of Britain’ for his invaluable help, advice and guidance throughout this entire project.