Barry Miles

Barry Miles has devoted his life to both creating and chronicling the counter-culture life of London.

Doyen of the underground, Miles co-founded the UK’s first counter-culture newspaper, the International Times, set up Indica, London’s first alternative bookshop (where John first met Yoko), helped organise the legendary 14-hour Technicolour Dream at Alexandra Palace, wrote for NME and co-edited Time Out.

As an author of over 50 published books, Miles has written the only authorised biography of Sir Paul McCartney. Entitled ‘Many Years from Now’ it was written based on hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews undertaken over a period of five years.

Miles has received critical acclaim for biographies of personal friends including William S. Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, and Frank Zappa while his book London Calling is regarded as the definitive history of underground London since 1945.

Alongside attending many Beatles recording sessions - and so was present when some of the most important popular music of our time was created - Miles holds a unique place in history as the person who introduced Paul McCartney to the wonderful world of hash-brownies.

The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story is world's the largest permanent exhibition purely devoted to the lives and times of The Beatles.

Located in the Fab Four's hometown of Liverpool on the stunning UNESCO World heritage site at the Albert Dock, The Beatles Story takes visitors on an atmospheric journey through the lives, times, culture and music of The Beatles.

Richard Porter

Richard Porter is a globally recognised authority on The Beatles and a two time winner of the highly cherished 'Beatle Brain of Britain' accolade.

Author of the critically acclaimed 'Guide to the Beatles' London', Richard formerly owned and ran the iconic Beatles Coffee Shop inside St John's Wood underground station.

Since the mid 1990's Richard has also been leading Beatle walking tours around some of London's most iconic sites that have played a role in shaping Beatle History. During this time it's estimated Richard has guided 150,000 Beatles fans from around the world across the capital.

Jacques Volcouve

French Beatles aficionado Jacques Volcouve began his Beatles collection in 1967 when he was given “A Hard Day’s Night” and then fell in love with "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band". Decades later, this collection had grown to include over 15,000 records, signed books, posters, autographs, figurines and other memorabilia which he sold at auction at the prestigious Drouot auction house in Paris in 2016.

A noted Beatles historian and commentator, Volcouve founded the Club des 4 de Liverpool, as an association that acted as an unofficial press agency for the band in France attracting over 1,500 members.

In total, Volcouve has written nine books on the history of The Beatles and up until 1984 published a magazine dedicated to the lives and times of the Fab Four.