Birthday Cards

Photo Cards

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Phone Cases

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Phone case given as birthday gift to dad

Collage Canvas

Collage canvas on display at birthday party
×The corner of a collage canvas

Collage Canvas

Whether a birthday is coming up for a friend, your mum or your girlfriend, we’ve got a great birthday gift idea for her - a collage canvas personalised with all your favourite moments together. Collect photos from her favourite holiday, or from a party with friends and you’re ready to start creating.

Upload your selection of photos to your PhotoBox account and use one of our pre-set collage canvas layouts to arrange your photos. You could try using photos of a similar colour to create a beautiful theme that will look great when it’s hung up on the wall.

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Personalised Magnets

Photo Magnets

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Photo Blocks

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Photo blocks given as birthday gifts to grandad and dad

A4 Photo Book

Photobook made as a gift for a 50 year birthday
×Photo book with old photos in

A4 Photo Book

Celebrate an extra special milestone birthday with an A4 Personalised photo book that will make a perfect birthday gift for mum or dad.

Get all of the family involved and ask them to share their favourite photos of the birthday boy or girl. Use a camera or smartphone to take photos of older printed snaps and add them to your photo book as you would a digital photo.

If you’re planning a big party, leave a few blank pages and guests to write messages directly into the book for that extra personal touch.

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iPhone 6-6S


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Personalised cushion

Colour Mug

Birthday cake made in a mug
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Colour Mug

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for him, look no further - a personalised photo mug will make his day. And, as we all know, no birthday party is complete without cake. So we’re going to show you how to make your very own a PhotoBox mug!

Add 5 or 6 squares of chocolate into the mug along with 20g sugar, 40g self raising flour, 40g of butter and 1 egg. Give this a little stir and then pop it in the microwave for 1 minute. Voila - your very own cake in a mug. You can adapt the recipe based on his favourite type of cake too, so there’s no shortage of birthday present ideas.

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